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High Definition 3D Projector

Christie announced its newest offering in 3D stereoscopic projection: the Christie Mirage HD Series projector. A 1,920 × 1,080 HD resolution, 3-chip digital light processing projector with active stereo capability, the Christie Mirage HD projector can power images at 120 Hz, flicker free, from a standard workstation computer, the company says.

The Christie Mirage HD Series comprises four models: the Mirage HD3 at 2,800 ANSI lumens; the Mirage HD6 at 6,000 ANSI lumens; the Mirage HD8 at 8,000 ANSI lumens; and the Mirage HD18 at up to 17,500 ANSI lumens. Each projector offers native 1080p resolution for a wider field of view and active stereo capability.

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Image Publishing Software

Cerebrosoft released B*Gallery version 3.0, a Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Linux application for creating HTML image galleries. Users can update, extend, and share the Web galleries, connecting the images into photo albums. Users can incorporate sound and video clips into the galleries, which come with preconfigured and customizable themes. Each theme offers a feature set, including a gallery index page, album slideshow, and photo details page. Advanced users have full access to the template files that make up a theme and can fully integrate galleries into their Web sites, matching their look and feel.


Figure    Sample HTML image gallery created using B*Gallery.

Users can try B*Gallery for free, with an eight-photo limit. Registering B*Gallery for $24.95 removes this limitation and entitles you to technical support. For more information, visit

Multiple-Point 3D Visualizations

CEI announced that its latest release of EnSight includes a sophisticated camera feature, which lets users create 3D visualizations with multiple vantage points. The new feature provides users with nearly limitless viewing options and makes it possible to create walkthroughs and walkarounds, following trace particles through flows and simulating real-world test cameras, such as those used in automotive crash tests.

Users can now view objects from any angle by moving virtual cameras around the object on user-defined pathways or by positioning static cameras at any defined point.

The new feature provides several ways to define a moving camera's path. Users can create splines by using the cursor tool, inputting control points or X, Y, and Z coordinates, or positioning a camera on any moving object. The moving object can even be a trace particle, making it possible for a camera to essentially ride a trace particle through a flow path.

The camera feature is now available to all licensed EnSight users in version 8.2.4b, which can be downloaded at

Transforms Digital Images into 3D

Freewebs' Fotowoosh is a free tool that automatically transforms standard 2D digital images of outdoor scenes into 3D images.

Fotowoosh labels each region of an outdoor image as ground, vertical, or sky, providing the necessary information to determine where to cut and fold in the image. The model is then popped up, overlaying the image onto the 3D model as a texture map. The procedure has been demonstrated to work on about one-third of all photographs tested; further developments are expected to improve the success rate.

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