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Motion Capture Toolset

Vicon released Vicon MX, a motion-capture software package that includes features such as scalable, real-time motion capture; kinematic solving and retargeting (to bring motion data into a 3D application); postprocessing for full-performance capture on-set playback and visualization tools; and an enhanced system setup.

Vicon can be configured as a simpler tool for smaller motion capture departments or as a customized and hardware-scalable tool for large studio uses. Vicon MX supports real-time playback of video and motion capture data with fully rendered and lit digital characters either side-by-side with or composited over video. The software will also enable customers to replicate the point of view of video or reference cameras.

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Figure    Capturing motion via Vicon's Vicon MX software

HD DVD-R Recordable Media

Verbatim Corporation and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, announced it will start shipping to Japan a 15-Gbyte HD DVD-R media. Shipments to other parts of the world will begin when hardware products supporting these recordable formats become available.

Mitsubishi Kagaku Media leveraged its Azo technology to develop a new recording dye specifically designed for HD DVE-R. According to the company, this recording dye delivers superior compatibility, read stability, and long performance life.

Other features of the media include a uniform groove shape, consistent substrate thickness, and disc flatness disc. These characteristics are achieved using a new mastering process, precise molding technology, and advanced bonding techniques developed by MKM. To achieve the narrow track pitch of the HD DVD format, MKM also developed a stamper with a precise groove shape.

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Speeds Edits of Multidefinition Video

NewTek's SpeedEdit bridges support between standard and high-definition video. According to the company, SpeedEdit helps producers by letting them edit full-resolution video in real time, within its dual timeline and storyboard interface. Linking these two interfaces also reportedly accelerates editing time because the editing can be done in fewer steps.

Key features of the product include resolution independence; mixing standard- and high-definition video clips in the same project; support for frame rates and resolutions; support for MPEG-2, HDV, DV, AVI, QuickTime, and Flash; project output via FireWire to camera or deck; real-time, three-wheel color correction; advanced four-band selective color selection; and multithreaded software optimized with dual-core computers.

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Run Many GPS Apps with a Single GPS

Franson Technology's GpsGate 2.0 is a Windows and PocketPC utility that runs many GPS applications using a single GPS. Users can create virtual serial ports, simulate a GPS, and log and replay GPS data.

GpsGate let's users share one GPS among several applications without having to shut down one application before beginning another. The device offers a built-in simulator. By defining a set of waypoints, GpsGate will simulate a GPS traveling between those waypoints. It also has a built-in logger, letting users log and play back real-time GPS data.

Franson GpsGate Standard for Windows or for PocketPC costs $29.95 for a single-user license. Franson GpsGate Express, a light version of Franson GpsGate Standard, is available for $9.95 for either platform. A free 14-day trial version is available for download.

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