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4–8 September 2006

Vienna, Austria

The conference will deal with a variety of topics, including real-time interactive multimedia, interactive massive model visualizations; virtual garment simulation; illustrative visualizations for medicine and science; and developing mobile 3D applications with Open GL.

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IEEE Int'l Conf. on Networks

13–15 September 2006


This conference will offer a one-day tutorial and two days of technical presentations. Potential topics include network issues for multimedia, Web, and gaming applications; application-layer protocols; multicasting; optical and photonics networks; and wireless, mobile, ad hoc, mesh, and sensor networks.

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ACM Multimedia Conf.

23–28 October 2006

Santa Barbara, California

This conference will cover all aspects of multimedia computing. Potential topics for the technical program include multimedia content analysis, processing, and retrieval; multimedia networking and systems support; multimedia tools, end systems, and applications; and foundational sciences of multimedia.

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1st Int'l Workshop on Human-Centered Multimedia

29 October 2006

Santa Barbara, California

This workshop will be held in conjunction with the 2006 ACM Multimedia Conference. Potential topics include multimodal interaction; experiential and affective issues in multimedia; machine learning with a human in the loop; multimedia ubiquitous computing; cultural and social issues in multimedia modeling; interactive storytelling; and social network analysis from multimedia.

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17th IEEE Visualization Conf.

29 October–3 November 2006

Baltimore, Maryland

This conference focuses on visualization advances in science and engineering for academia, government, and industry. Potential topics include distributed and collaborative visualization; multiresolution techniques; multimodal visualization; security and network intrusion visualization; usability and human factors in visualization; virtual environments; and visual knowledge discovery.

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Call for Papers

IEEE Signal Processing Soc.

Special Issue on Adaptive Waveform Design for

Agile Sensing and Communication

The goal of this special issue is to feature recent advances in the area of waveform design for agile sensing and communication as well as remaining challenges. The advances can include novel physical, mathematical, and computational methods to combat important signal processing challenges arising from large system dimensionality, stressful conditions of sample support, and onerous computational requirements. In particular, submissions are encouraged in radar and sonar systems; multiuser detection, passive sensing operations; interferometry, optical, tomography, and impulsive systems; and channel estimation and equalization.

This special issue is slated to appear in a new publication currently in the IEEE approval stages. In the event that approval is delayed, the special issue will be published as a supplementary issue of IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing. All submissions must be original, having not been published previously or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Potential authors should submit manuscripts by 1 Sept. 2006. For more information visit

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