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Records TV for Macs and iPods

Elgato Systems' EyeTV 2 is digital TV recording software for Macs and iPods. The product features an integrated TV guide that displays broadcast schedules within the EyeTV main window and retrieves information from digital broadcasts and online TV guide services. In addition, EyeTV 2 features a new user interface, onscreen remote control, the ability to manage recordings through playlists, a single click "Export to iPod" button, and the ability to set schedules to automatically export to iPod.

EyeTV 2 retails for $79.00. Users who purchased EyeTV after 1 December 2005 can receive a free upgrade at


Figure    Screen shot of Elgato Systems' EyeTV 2

AutoCAD Plug-in for Google Earth

Avatech Solutions released the Avatech Earth Connector, a plug-in that lets users place 2D and 3D structures developed in AutoCAD-based products into Google Earth's 3D world. According to Avatech, the product works within AutoCAD 2006 and 2005 via the ExtractKML command. Earth Connector can read assigned coordinate systems from AutoCAD Map-enabled products (Map 3D, Civil3D, Land Desktop, and so on) and use the Map coordinate transformation engine to convert the coordinates into what Google Earth requires for accurate geometry.

Earth Connector is available for a free download from

Brings Global TV to Your PC's TV 2.0 lets users watch more than 300 channels of televised content from around the world on their PC, free of charge. The software runs on Windows 98/95/2000/ME/XP/NT 4.0 and supports Windows Media and RealVideo. It features live online streaming 24/7 worldwide television (TV 2.0 will switch automatically between television formats so it doesn't matter what the station's broadcast format is).

TV 2.0 can be downloaded for free from

Processor Empowers Sony's Type X DVR

ViXS' XCode II video processor supports Sony's Type X digital video recorder, which can reportedly record seven channels, 24 hours a day, for two weeks. According to ViXS, the XCode II video processor lets users manage large amounts of video affordably because it encodes full DVD-quality video at less than 2 megabits per second (most encoders require about 6 Mbps). In addition, XCode can encode and transcode multiple streams of analog and digital content at speeds of 6× to 24× real time. XCode also processes video in any standard format, from MPEG-1 to MPEG-4.

For more information, visit

Multimedia Platform for Embedded Devices

Three companies—Access, Koto, and Hi Corporation—announced that they jointly developed a multimedia platform for embedded devices. The platform combines Zevio, an application processor architecture whose 3D graphics core was developed by Koto and LSI Logic, with Access' µMore, a real-time embedded operating system. The platform also includes Hi Corporation's 3D engine MascotCapsule.

The multimedia platform reportedly enables manufacturers of products like education/training devices, embedded game devices, and audio-visual equipment to reduce development time and costs.

For more information, visit

Advanced JPEG2000 Encoders/Decoders

BroadMotion announced that it has released its JPEG2000 codec technology for a hardware platform that combines an Altera Cyclone II FPGA and Texas Instruments TMS320DM64x DSP-based digital media processor. BroadMotion's JPEG2000 technology reportedly facilitates the adoption of JPEG2000 in applications for industries such as digital cinema, photography, security, and surveillance.

Visit for more information.

3D Digital Image Organizer

VicMan Software released My Pictures 3D, a 2-in-1 that lets you view your favorite photos while wandering through a virtual 3D gallery. It can also function as a screensaver.

My pictures 3D comes with different styles of galleries. Users can walk through a modern showroom, secluded Renaissance yard, medieval castle, or classic Greek temple. With My Pictures 3D, the user selects pictures to display and adjusts the walker's height and walk speed. Apart from viewing pictures from a distance, the program lets users approach a picture and watch it in full-screen mode. In the freemove mode, you can wander freely inside the virtual space. In the automatic mode, the computer will guide you through the gallery.

For more information, visit


Figure    Vicman Software's My Pictures 3D gallery view

DVD to iPod Converter

ImTOO Software announced the release of the ImTOO DVD to iPod Converter. This tool rips and converts DVDs to Apple iPod viewable formats. ImTOO DVD to iPod Converter also rips DVDs to Apple-supported audio formats including M4A, AAC, and MP3.

Default settings can automatically adjust the sound levels and ripping speed of the conversion files. High-end output settings can allow the user to select and adjust these features, as well as customize file size, and convert select segments within the DVD.

The converter automatically splits output files into several files to fit a CD-R or other device. Files can be compressed, and multithreading and batch conversion are supported. System requirements are Windows 98/ME or Windows 2000/XP or better and a 750-MHz CPU.

For more information, visit

Live TV for Pocket PCs

Softel vdm released MyTinyTV 1.0, a program that lets users watch real-time television on a Pocket PC wherever WiFi is available.

MyTinyTV works with a desktop PC's television tuner connected to the home's cable or antenna, sending the user's cable or antenna television channels and listings through a wireless network to his or her Pocket PC. The system includes an interface for the user's Pocket PC with channel up/down buttons, full listings, show descriptions, and detailed programming information.

MyTinyTV is available for $59.00, which includes a full year of television listings. For more information, visit

Single Board Computer for Video Applications

Zendex Corporation announced the ZXE-856 single board computer (SBC) suited for high-performance video applications. The board includes multiple VGA outputs and AC97 amplified stereo audio outputs.

The VGA video ports drive two 1,600 × 1,200-pixel resolution displays. Behind the video outputs are dual VGA outputs with up to 64 Mbytes of shared memory. For graphically intensive and memory-hungry applications, the board can accommodate up to 1 Gbyte of DDR DRAM. The board can be configured to optimize speed, power consumption, or cost.

The ZXE-856 mates to a passive backplane, which enables insertion and removal of the main board and provides I/O connectors allowing the system to interface printers, video cameras, mass storage devices, and standard PC peripherals and monitors. The backplane includes six USB 2.0 ports, one 10/100 Ethernet port, five RS-232 serial ports, two RS422 serial ports, and one TTL serial port. Compatible operating systems include Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, and XP Embedded, as well as Linux.

Visit for more information.

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