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Int'l Assoc. for Development of the Information Soc. (IADIS) Conf. Applied Computing

25–28 Feb. 2006

San Sebastian, Spain

The goal of the conference is to address issues within the applied computing area and related fields. Potential topics include bioinformatics, mobile networks and systems, multimedia, intelligent systems, ubiquitous computing, the Semantic Web, and wireless applications.

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Int'l Conf. Practical Software Quality and Testing (PSQT)

1–5 May 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada

The conference will have two tracks: one that focuses on assuring software quality through testing, and another that focuses on how to manage software testing. Topics for the testing track include testing technology, process, and automation; testing Web, Internet, and e-commerce applications; security testing, and testing with use cases. Topics for the managing quality track include managing test functions and processes; defect-prevention techniques and methodologies; and requirements management and modeling.

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Int'l Conf. Pervasive Computing

7–10 May 2006

Dublin, Ireland

The conference seeks to present advances in computing technology toward new modes of operation (ubiquitous, continuous, and self-organized) and toward new usage models (ambient, context-aware, and integral with human activity and environments). Potential topics include device, communication, and interaction technologies for pervasive computing; pervasive sensing and perception, and location and context technologies; and privacy, security, and trust in pervasive computing.

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Eurographics Symp. Parallel Graphics and Visualization

11–12 May 2006

Braga, Portugal

The aim of this symposium is to share experiences and knowledge of parallel and distributed computing and its application to all aspects of computer graphics, virtual reality, scientific engineering, and visualization. Topics of interest include parallel simulations for interactive applications, efficient graphics and visualization for shared- and distributed-memory systems, and real-time systems for 3D virtual reality.

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IEEE Int'l Conf. Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

14–19 May 2006

Toulouse, France

The conference will focus on signal processing as a discipline and its applications. There will be more than 50 lectures and poster sessions covering a variety of topics, including multimedia signal processing; bioimaging and signal processing; audio and electroacoustics; machine learning for signal processing; sensor array and multichannel signal processing; and image and multidimensional signal processing.

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Calls for Papers

ACM Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV)

22–23 May 2006, Newport, Rhode Island

This workshop invites submissions on all areas of multimedia computing and networking and strongly encourages work in progress in emerging areas. Potential topics include sensor networks and architectures; application-level multicasting; digital rights management; wireless and mobile multimedia systems; 3D multimedia and teleimmersion; and multimedia middleware and frameworks.

Submissions should be no longer than six pages and student participation is encouraged. Potential authors should register papers by 8 Feb. 2006 and then submit papers by 15 Feb. 2006. For more information visit

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