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2005 ACM Hypertext Conf. and Workshop on Narrative, Musical, Cinematic, and Gaming Hyperstructure

6–9 Sept. 2005

Salzburg, Austria

The conference and the workshop will be held in tandem. The aim of the conference is to consider hypertext requirements that allow automatic and semiautomatic recombinant systems to function as self-standing systems or as part of larger creative environments. Potential topics in this area include methods for forming and representing collections of surrogates; identification of aesthetic and usability criteria of those who put together and use collections; analysis of sensory characteristics and semiotic functions of surrogates as signs; and developing roles for metadata in surrogates and recombination.

The workshop will offer an opportunity to contrast approaches for hyperstructures, including representation of hyperstructures; hypertext concepts applied in author hyperstructures; new applications of hyperstructures in physical environments or ubiquitous computing; supporting fiction and the creative arts; disposition concepts applied to hypertexts; and the use of arranged media (such as music) in hypertexts.

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Int'l Conf. Practical Software Quality and Testing

12–16 Sept. 2005

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The conference will focus on real experiences with software quality and testing. Potential topics include testing Web and Internet applications; security testing; Web- and e-commerce-related quality and testing issues; performance, load, and stress testing; and defect tracking.

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Int'l Conf. Computer Design (ICCD 2005)

2–5 Oct. 2005

San Jose, California

Covering the research, design, and implementation of computer systems and their components, this conference encompasses a wide range of multidisciplinary topics. The theme for this conference is "Toward the 10-Billion Transistor Chip—Technologies and Applications for Extremely Large Integrated Systems." Potential workshops include techniques for low-power, secure, and reliable processor designs; circuit and design techniques for digital, memory, and mixed-signal systems; and automatic analysis and optimization of timing, power, and noise.

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IEEE Int'l Workshop on Human–Computer Interaction

21 Oct. 2005

Beijing, China

The conference's goals include understanding, designing, building, and evaluating complex interactive systems involving many people and technologies. Potential topics include multimedia data modeling and visualization; multimodal event detection and recognition; human motion and gesture recognition; human–computer interaction issues in image and video retrieval; perceptual user interfaces; and wearable and pervasive technologies in human–computer interaction.

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Int'l Conf. Future Networking Technologies (CoNEXT 2005)

24–27 Oct. 2005

Toulouse, France

CoNEXT is a joint conference resulting from the merging of two other workshops, namely one on interactive and distributed multimedia systems and another focusing on protocols for networked multimedia systems. Additionally, the Internet Charting and Quality-of-Service Technology Workshop is integrated into the conference. Potential topics for the conference include context awareness, experimental networking, Internet economics, mobile communication, wireless technologies, and autonomic communications.

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