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Multiuser Public Access Computer

Open Sense Solutions announced Groovix GK4, a public access computer system. The system accommodates independent monitors, keyboards, and mice, permitting up to four simultaneous users to browse the Internet or use common office programs. Groovix GK4 uses Open Sense's simultaneous local independent multiuser (SLIM) technology to allow one computer to drive four workstations.

According to the company, Groovix GK4 is ready to use right out of the box. The system comes with Mozilla Firefox, runs on a customizable read-only DVD (which can't be corrupted), and contains a built-in firewall and content filtering system.

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Wireless Multimedia Extender

SMC Networks introduced the EZ-Stream 2.4-GHz Wireless Multimedia Extender, a networked receiver that distributes entertainment media throughout the home. It streams, plays, and shares audio (including MP3 and Internet radio), pictures, and video, as well as music and movie content downloaded to a PC from major online content vendors. The product connects to a wired or wireless network and provides access to multimedia content stored on a computer's hard drive via its link to entertainment devices such as televisions and stereo receivers. The EZ-Stream Extender supports IEEE 802.11g technology for connectivity with 802.11b and g standards-based networks.

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High-Quality Video on Mobile Devices

Sarnoff Corporation introduced its H.264 decoder intellectual property (IP), that displays high-resolution video at normal frame rates for mobile devices based on the H.264 standard. The decoder IP reportedly can also provide a longer battery life for such devices.

The IP is designed to be incorporated into an existing microprocessor and includes hardware-based accelerators for maximum flexibility and scalability. The product also allows software or hardware to be used interchangeably, providing the ability to integrate proprietary technology with the IP to enable specific functions.

The decoder IP comes with C source code, a library of optionally implemented Verilog hardware accelerators, test benches, and engineering support.

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Holographic Storage

InPhase's Tapestry drive is the first prototype of a commercial holographic storage device. The product uses polytopic recording to provide greater data density by overlaying books of data, rather than pages of data. The prototype is the foundation for a 300-Gbyte storage drive that can store more than 35 hours of broadcast quality high-definition video on a single disk. The product uses a new class of photopolymers, and the delivery of a stable recording device, to achieve a working commercial holographic system.

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Figure    InPhase's Tapestry drive stores material holographically

Audio Optimizer

Waves announced MaxxPlayer, a plug-in for Windows Media Player 10 that optimizes audio depending on what listening device is used. It features four main controls that compensate for the device's speaker system: iVolume automatically adjusts the sound signal's range; MaxxBass lets users hear bass frequencies, MaxxTreble increases the perceived high-frequency response, and MaxxStereo creates a sound image that's wider than the position of the stereo speakers.

MaxxPlayer also features the ability to choose music or speech as the source material, a system control that lets users specify the type of speaker system used, and a button that lets users turn all the functions on and off for comparison.

MaxxPlayer costs $30.00. For more information visit

Streams Live and Recorded Content

ADS Tech announced that it's bundling its Instant TV Deluxe Tuner devices with Orb Networks' streaming media software. The Tuner products come available as external USB-connected devices or PCI add-in cards and let users view and record live TV shows on their PC. With the addition of the Orb software, users can access and manage their content remotely.

The Instant TV Deluxe USB comes with a remote control, IR Blaster, CapWiz 3.5, SnapStream Beyond TV Basic, QuickDVD, ShowBiz DVD2, and a Windows Media 9 encoder. It retails for $199. The Instant TV Deluxe PCI costs $179.

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Near-Line Video Storage

Asaca Corporation released its FireFly DM Series of digital virtual storage libraries. The libraries incorporate as many as 192 to 200 Gbytes or 250-Gbyte Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drives with an 8-Mbyte buffer and 7,200 RPM to ensure fast access for retrieving multigigabyte files. The product can reportedly deliver as many as 48 concurrent strings of data per library at 400 Mbytes per second. The SATA drives are capable of delivering up to 1.5 gigabits per second to each drive within the disk drive array. FireFly users can cluster up to 10 cabinets for up to 480 Tbytes of data storage.

FireFly starts at $100,000. For more information visit

Portable Projector

The Epson PowerLite 745c portable projector weighs less than 4 pounds. The PowerLite 745c facilitates PC-free presentations with USB A or PCMCIA connectivity. It includes 802.11g Wi-Fi technology for wireless capabilities for Windows and Macintosh systems. It supports MPEG-2 videos, plus Keynote and PowerPoint transitions.

High-performance features include automatic source selection, a 1.2× optical zoom, and auto keystone correction.

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Dual Core Processor 64-bit Workstations

BOXX Technologies announced the BOXX 7400 series of workstations featuring dual AMD Opteron dual core processors and Nvidia nForce professional media and communications processors (MCPs). AMD direct connect architecture lowers system latency. The Nvidia nForce Professional MCPs offer an advanced PCI Express design for high performance and provide a feature set for both single- and multi-GPU workstations.

System pricing starts at $4,027 and varies with system configuration. Visit for more information.


Figure    Boxx Technologies 7400 workstation

Voice Recognition Software

CoolSoft announced the re-release of Speak-to-Mail 1.0, a speech-to-text email utility solution that lets users dictate and send email with Outlook Express, Outlook, and Netscape 7.x.

Speak-to-Mail 1.0 reads the contact information from the user's default email program and uses voice recognition to let users select recipients, dictate the subject and body, and send the email entirely by speech. The software includes natural language modeling technology.

Speak-to-Mail 1.0 has a user-friendly interface and comes with voice recognition technology from Microsoft Corporation. It comes with a quick start guide and a video on setting up and training for speech recognition.

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Slideshow Disk Creation

Xequte announced Smart Pix Manager v8.0. This update of their multimedia management and viewing software lets users manage image, multimedia, and document collections with a database solution incorporating keyword, description, and content searching and viewing support. Users can create auto-playing slideshow CDs and DVDs from a selection of image and video files. Format support includes RAW image files from cameras such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, and Minolta; XJPEG 128-bit AES dncrypted JPEG images; and Dicom medical imaging format.

Image batch conversion and editing interfaces let users select conversion functions and control the output format and filename specifications. Other editing improvements include adding photo frames to images. A large thumbnails file display mode lets users scroll through images at a viewable size.

Smart Pix Manager costs $37.50, or $17.50 for users upgrading from earlier versions. Visit for more information.

Linux-Based OS for Server/Network Appliances

Spliced Networks announced the availability of AppOS v1.0, a Linux-based operating system that provides a platform for building Linux-based appliances.

According to the company AppOS requires no prior Linux knowledge to deploy and configure a secure solution. AppOS eliminates the need for package management. Instead of having hundreds of individual packages, AppOS uses an OS image, and one or more Application images.

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