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EIC's Message: Pushing Forward with Interoperability

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From the standpoint of new technology, this product probably has little to brag about. It doesn't really buzz with innovative ideas. However, it clearly brings to light the sad state we are in. Why is there still a need for so many devices? Why should consumers have to purchase a different device for every type of multimedia file they want to play? As long as a processing unit has adequate memory, a reader (perhaps optical), a visual display unit, and an audio output device, shouldn't the consumer be able to enjoy a movie, listen to a song, and view pictures? When will we be freed from vendor-dependent formats and technologies?

Serious standardization initiatives began more than 15 years ago, and yet digital media consumers continue to fumble with so many incompatible devices. While we can all make compelling arguments for innovative technologies, I beg to raise the question about interchangeability in multimedia production and playback. Can there be a counterpart to the concept of PDF for multimedia files? Then the poor traveler wouldn't have to carry all the bits and pieces because any microcomputer with an input/output device could provide all the services that TravelStudio brags about.


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