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Int'l Conf. Technology, Knowledge, and Society

18–20 February 2005

Berkeley, California

This conference takes a broad and cross-disciplinary approach to technology in society, focusing on digital information and communications technologies. Specific topics include multimedia products focused on human usability, technologies for community participation, and learning technologies.

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Int'l Software Testing Conf.

20–21 February 2005

New Delhi, India

Emphasizing the importance of testing software in the product life cycle, the conference will focus on requirements engineering and testing for Web and e-commerce development; defect-prevention techniques and practices; client/server testing; and testing of distributed component-based software.

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Int'l Workshop on Algorithms for Wireless, Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Sensor Networks

4–8 April 2005

Denver, Colorado

Focusing on algorithmic issues, the conference will emphasize the increasing interaction between communication and computing. Specific topics may include frequency and channel-assignment algorithms; cryptography and security; data management on mobile and wireless computing; and algorithms and modeling for tracking and locating mobile users.

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Fourth Int'l Workshop on Efficient and Experimental Algorithms

10–13 May 2005

Santorini Island, Greece

This conference's workshops will focus on design, analysis, and experimental evaluation and engineering of algorithms, as well as considering various aspects of computational optimization. Some of the specific topics might include World Wide Web algorithms, cryptography and security, information retrieval, machine learning, and data mining .

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IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing in Wireless Communications

11–14 July 2005

Lisbon, Portugal

The conference encourages members from the signal processing, communications, and information theories communities to attend. Potential topics include source-channel coding, smart antennas, mobile location, ultrawideband radio, and acquisition, synchronization, and tracking,

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Calls for Papers

Third Int'l Conf. Pervasive Computing

8–13 May 2005

Munich, Germany

The conference is inviting submissions for late-breaking results, posters, research demonstrations, and videos. There will also be doctoral colloquiums and workshops held in conjunction with the conference. Areas of interest for the conference include device, communication, and interaction technologies for pervasive computing; pervasive sensing and perception; location and context technologies' pervasive computing user interfaces and user experience; and privacy, security, and trust in pervasive computing.

Papers for workshops are due 16 February 2005. For more information visit

2005 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics

16–19 October 2005

New Paltz, NY

The workshop will focus on signal processing solutions for audio and acoustic problems. Papers describing original research and new concepts are requested for the following topics: acoustic scenes, audio coding, hearing, perception, and music.

The initial paper should be four pages in length and is due 15 April 2005. For more information visit

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