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Issue No. 03 - May-June (vol. 36)
ISSN: 0272-1732

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From the Editor in Chief

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Guest Editors' Introduction
Top Picks

Practical Multidimensional Branch Prediction (Abstract)

Andre Seznec , INRIA
Joshua San Miguel , University of Toronto
Jorge Albericio , University of Toronto
pp. 10-19

A Heterogeneous Von Neumann/Explicit Dataflow Processor (Abstract)

Tony Nowatzki , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Vinay Gangadhar , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Karthikeyan Sankaralingam , University of Wisconsin--Madison
pp. 20-30

Accelerating the Accelerator Memory Interface with Access-Execute and Dataflow (Abstract)

Chen-Han Ho , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Sung Jin Kim , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Karthikeyan Sankaralingam , University of Wisconsin--Madison
pp. 31-41

Sirius Implications for Future Warehouse-Scale Computers (Abstract)

Johann Hauswald , University of Michigan
Michael A. Laurenzano , University of Michigan
Yunqi Zhang , University of Michigan
Cheng Li , University of Michigan
Austin Rovinski , University of Michigan
Arjun Khurana , University of Michigan
Ronald G. Dreslinski , University of Michigan
Trevor Mudge , University of Michigan
Vinicius Petrucci , Federal University of Bahia
Lingjia Tang , University of Michigan
Jason Mars , University of Michigan
pp. 42-53

Profiling a Warehouse-Scale Computer (Abstract)

Svilen Kanev , Google
Kim Hazelwood , Google
Tipp Moseley , Google
Gu-Yeon Wei , Harvard University
David Brooks , Harvard University
pp. 54-59

MBus: A System Integration Bus for the Modular Microscale Computing Class (Abstract)

Pat Pannuto , University of Michigan
Yoonmyung Lee , Sungkyunkwan University
Ye-Sheng Kuo , University of Michigan
ZhiYoong Foo , University of Michigan
Benjamin Kempke , University of Michigan
Gyouho Kim , University of Michigan
Ronald G. Dreslinski , University of Michigan
David Blaauw , University of Michigan
Prabal Dutta , University of Michigan
pp. 60-70
Top Picks

Nonvolatile Processor Architectures: Efficient, Reliable Progress with Unstable Power (Abstract)

Kaisheng Ma , Pennsylvania State University
Xueqing Li , Pennsylvania State University
Karthik Swaminathan , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yang Zheng , Pennsylvania State University
Shuangchen Li , University of California, Santa Barbara
Yongpan Liu , Tsinghua University
Yuan Xie , University of California, Santa Barbara
John Jack Sampson , Pennsylvania State University
Vijaykrishnan Narayanan , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 72-83

Exploiting Interposer Technologies to Disintegrate and Reintegrate Multicore Processors (Abstract)

Ajaykumar Kannan , University of Toronto
Natalie Enright Jerger , University of Toronto
Gabriel H. Loh , Advanced Micro Devices
pp. 84-93

Achieving One Billion Key-Value Requests per Second on a Single Server (Abstract)

Sheng Li , Intel Labs
Hyeontaek Lim , Carnegie Mellon University
Victor W. Lee , Intel Labs
Jung Ho Ahn , Seoul National University
Anuj Kalia , Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Kaminsky , Intel Labs
David G. Andersen , Carnegie Mellon University
Seongil O , Seoul National University
Sukhan Lee , Seoul National University
Pradeep Dubey , Intel Labs
pp. 94-104

Unlocking Ordered Parallelism with the Swarm Architecture (Abstract)

Mark C. Jeffrey , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Suvinay Subramanian , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cong Yan , University of Washington
Joel Emer , Nvidia
Daniel Sanchez , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 105-117

Range Translations for Fast Virtual Memory (Abstract)

Jayneel Gandhi , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Vasileios Karakostas , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Furkan Ayar , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Adrian Cristal , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Mark D. Hill , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Michael M. Swift , University of Wisconsin--Madison
Osman S. Unsal , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
pp. 118-126

2015 Maurice Wilkes Award Given to Christos Kozyrakis (HTML)

Per Stenstrom , Chalmers University of Technology
pp. 128-129
Micro Economics

Economic Growth from Technical Advance (Abstract)

Shane Greenstein , Harvard Business School
pp. 130-131
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