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Issue No.06 - Nov.-Dec. (2012 vol.32)
pp: 4-16
Manish Arora , University of California, San Diego
Siddhartha Nath , University of California, San Diego
Subhra Mazumdar , University of California, San Diego
Scott B. Baden , University of California, San Diego
Dean M. Tullsen , University of California, San Diego
In an integrated CPU-GPU system, the CPU executes code that is profoundly different than in past CPU-only environments. This new code's characteristics should drive future CPU design and architecture. Post-GPU code has lower instruction-level parallelism, more difficult branch prediction, and loads and stores that are significantly harder to predict. Post-GPU code exhibits much smaller gains from the availability of multiple cores, owing to reduced thread-level parallelism.
Graphics processing unit, Benchmark testing, Central Processing Unit, Parallel processing, Hidden Markov models, Computational modeling, CPU architecture, CPU-GPU systems, heterogeneous designs
Manish Arora, Siddhartha Nath, Subhra Mazumdar, Scott B. Baden, Dean M. Tullsen, "Redefining the Role of the CPU in the Era of CPU-GPU Integration", IEEE Micro, vol.32, no. 6, pp. 4-16, Nov.-Dec. 2012, doi:10.1109/MM.2012.57
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