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Issue No.03 - May/June (2011 vol.31)
pp: 72-81
Enrico Bini , Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Giorgio Buttazzo , Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Johan Eker , Ericsson Research
Stefan Schorr , Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern
Raphael Guerra , Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern
Gerhard Fohler , Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern
Karl-Erik Arzen , Lund University
Vanessa Romero Segovia , Lund University
Claudio Scordino , Evidence Srl
<p>High-performance embedded systems require the execution of many applications on multicore platforms and are subject to stringent restrictions and constraints. The ACTORS project approach provides temporal isolation through resource reservation over a multicore platform, adapting the available resources on the basis of the overall quality requirements. The architecture is fully operational on both ARM MPCore and x86 multicore platforms.</p>
Virtual multiprocessor, resource adaptation, multimedia applications, multicore, Linux kernel, Linux scheduler, real-time systems
Enrico Bini, Giorgio Buttazzo, Johan Eker, Stefan Schorr, Raphael Guerra, Gerhard Fohler, Karl-Erik Arzen, Vanessa Romero Segovia, Claudio Scordino, "Resource Management on Multicore Systems: The ACTORS Approach", IEEE Micro, vol.31, no. 3, pp. 72-81, May/June 2011, doi:10.1109/MM.2011.1
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