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Issue No.02 - March/April (2011 vol.31)
pp: 60-75
<p>Power7 implements several new adaptive power management techniques which, in concert with the EnergyScale firmware, let it proactively exploit variations in workload, environmental conditions, and overall system use to meet customer-directed power and performance goals. These innovative features include per-core frequency scaling with available autonomic frequency control, per-chip automated voltage slewing, power consumption estimation, and hardware instrumentation assist.</p>
Power7, power management, energy efficiency, EnergyScale, frequency scaling, voltage slewing, performance, hardware
Michael Floyd, Malcolm Allen-Ware, Karthick Rajamani, Bishop Brock, Charles Lefurgy, Alan J. Drake, Lorena Pesantez, Tilman Gloekler, Jose A. Tierno, Pradip Bose, Alper Buyuktosunoglu, "Introducing the Adaptive Energy Management Features of the Power7 Chip", IEEE Micro, vol.31, no. 2, pp. 60-75, March/April 2011, doi:10.1109/MM.2011.29
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