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Issue No.01 - January/February (2011 vol.31)
pp: 29-41
Reetuparna Das , Pennsylvania State University
Onur Mutlu , Carnegie Mellon University
Thomas Moscibroda , Microsoft Research
Chita R. Das , Pennsylvania State University
<p>A traditional Network-on-Chip (NoC) employs simple arbitration strategies, such as round robin or oldest first, which treat packets equally regardless of the source applications' characteristics. This is suboptimal because packets can have different effects on system performance. We define slack as a key measure for characterizing a packet's relative importance. A&#x00E9;rgia introduces new router prioritization policies that exploit interfering packets' available slack to improve overall system performance and fairness.</p>
On-chip networks, multicore, arbitration, prioritization, memory systems, packet scheduling, slack, criticality
Reetuparna Das, Onur Mutlu, Thomas Moscibroda, Chita R. Das, "Aérgia: A Network-on-Chip Exploiting Packet Latency Slack", IEEE Micro, vol.31, no. 1, pp. 29-41, January/February 2011, doi:10.1109/MM.2010.98
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