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Issue No. 05 - September/October (vol. 30)
ISSN: 0272-1732

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pp. 3-4
Guest Editors' Introduction: Multicore: The View from Europe

Multicore: The View from Europe (HTML)

Nacho Navarro , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Mateo Valero , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
pp. 2-4
Multicore: The View From Europe

ArchExplorer for Automatic Design Space Exploration (Abstract)

Augusto Vega , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Alex Ramirez , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Veerle Desmet , Ghent University
Sylvain Girbal , Thales Reseacrh adn Technologies
Olivier Temam , Inria Saclay
pp. 5-15

The SARC Architecture (Abstract)

Catalin Ciobanu , Delft University of Technology
Ben Juurlink , Technische Universitat Berlin
Arnaldo Azevedo , Delft University of Technology
Friman Sanchez , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Alex Ramirez , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Cor Meenderinck , Delft University of Technology
Georgi Gaydadjiev , Delft University of Technology
Sebastian Isaza , Delft University of Technology
Felipe Cabarcas , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Mauricio Alvarez Mesa , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
pp. 16-29

Explicit Communication and Synchronization in SARC (Abstract)

Stamatis Kavadias , FORTH-ICS, Heraklion
Manolis Katevenis , FORTH-ICS, Heraklion
Federico Silla , Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia
Vassilis Papaefstathiou , FORTH-ICS, Heraklion
Dimitrios Nikolopoulos , FORTH-ICS, Heraklion
Dionisios Pnevmatikatos , FORTH-ICS, Heraklion
pp. 30-41

Parallel Programming Models for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures (Abstract)

Konstantinos Koukos , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Michail Alvanos , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Jae-Seung Yeom , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Dimitros S. Nikolopoulos , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Eduard Ayguade , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Pieter Bellens , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Roger Ferrer , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Scott Schneider , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Xavier Martorell , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Vicenc Beltran , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Marc Gonzalez , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Rosa M. Badia , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Angelos Bilas , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
pp. 42-53

SARC Coherence: Scaling Directory Cache Coherence in Performance and Power (Abstract)

Stefanos Kaxiras , Uppsala University, Sweden
Georgios Keramidas , Industrial Systems Institute, Greece
pp. 54-65

Merasa: Multicore Execution of Hard Real-Time Applications Supporting Analyzability (Abstract)

Marco Paolieri , Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Barcelona
Sascha Uhrig , University of Augsburg
Jorg Mische , University of Augsburg
Julian Wolf , University of Augsburg, Augsburg
Irakli Guliashvili , University of Augsburg
Theo Ungerer , University of Augsburg, Augsburg
Floria Kluge , University of Augsburg
Christine Rochange , Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Zlatko Petrov , Honeywell International s.r.o., Brno
Guillem Bernat , Rapita Systems L.t.d, York
Eduardo Quiñones , Barcelona Supercomputing Center, barcelona
Francisco Cazorla , Barcelona SuperComputing Center , barcelona
Stefan Metzlaff , University of Augsburg
Mike Gerdes , University of Augsburg, Augsburg
Michael Houston , Rapita Systems
Pascal Sainrat , Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Hugues Casse , Universite´ Paul Sabatier de Toulouse
pp. 66-75

The Velox Transactional Memory Stack (Abstract)

Vincent Gramoli , University of Neuchâtel
Per Stenstrom , Chalmers University of Technology
Ibrahim Hur , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Martin Pohlack , Advanced Micro Devices
Sasa Tomic , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Aleksandar Dragojevic , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Yehuda Afek , Tel Aviv University
Adrian Cristal , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Derin Harmanci , University of Neuchatel
Osman Unsal , Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Walther Maldonado Moreira , University of Neuchatel
Pascal Felber , University of Neuchatel
Etienne Riviere , University of Neuchatel
Guy Korland , Tel Aviv University
Martin Nowack , Technische Universitat Dresden
Rachid Guerraoui , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Patrick Marlier , University of Neuchatel
Michal Kapalka , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Ulrich Drepper , Red Hat
Nir Shavit , Tel Aviv University
Torvald Riegel , Technische Universitat Dresden
Michael Hohmuth , Advancd Micro Devices
Christof Fetzer , Technische Universitat Dresden
Stephan Diestelhorst , Advanced Micro Devices
pp. 76-87

HArtes: Hardware-Software Codesign for Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms (Abstract)

Marco Lattuada , Politecnico di Milano
Christian Pilato , Politecnico di Milano
Gabriel Coutinho , Imperial College London
Donatella Sciuto , Politecnico di Milano
Koen Bertels , Delft University of Technology
Fabrizio Ferrandi , Politecnico di Milano
Andrea Michelotti , Atmel Roma
Georgi Kuzmanov , Delft University of Technology
Yana Yankova , Delft University of Technology
Vlad-Mihai Sima , Delft University of Technology
Wayne Luk , Imperial College London
pp. 88-97
Micro Economics

Gatekeeping Economics (Abstract)

Shane Greenstein ,
pp. 102-104
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