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Issue No.05 - September/October (2009 vol.29)
pp: 30-45
Tran Nguyen Bao Anh , Singapore Engineering Center
Su-Lim Tan , Nanyang Technological University
<p>Real-time operating systems have gained popularity in microcontroller- and processor-based embedded system design. This article discusses differences between RTOSs and generic operating systems, the advantages and disadvantages of using RTOSs for small microcontroller system development, and the benchmarking methods used for RTOSs. Benchmarking results for four RTOSs show no clear winner, with each RTOS performing better on some criteria than others.</p>
kernel, operating system, real-time systems, RTOS, RTOS benchmarking
Tran Nguyen Bao Anh, Su-Lim Tan, "Real-Time Operating Systems for Small Microcontrollers", IEEE Micro, vol.29, no. 5, pp. 30-45, September/October 2009, doi:10.1109/MM.2009.86
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