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Issue No.04 - July/August (2011 vol.13)
pp: 36-40
Henry C. Lucas, Jr. , University of Maryland
Sunil Mithas , University of Maryland
<p>A study of over 50,000 IT professionals suggests that efforts to restrict the numbers of skilled foreign professionals working in the US and foreign students seeking higher education in US universities are counterproductive.</p>
Keywords: IT professionals, high-skill immigration, H-1B, work visa, managing IT resources, globalization, information technology, IT workforce
Henry C. Lucas, Jr., Sunil Mithas, "Foreign-Born IT Workers in the US: Complements, not Substitutes", IT Professional, vol.13, no. 4, pp. 36-40, July/August 2011, doi:10.1109/MITP.2011.61
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