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Green IT

Green IT is the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, and using computers, servers, monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications systems efficiently and effectively with minimal impact on the environment. It's also about environmental sustainability—using IT to support environmental initiatives and to help create green awareness.

Green IT is a hot topic due to an increasing awareness of the harmful effects of gas emissions, new stringent environmental legislation, concerns about electronic waste disposal practices that damage our environment, and corporate image concerns that are pushing businesses and individuals to go green. We can make a difference by greening IT.

IT Professional seeks submissions focusing on green IT. The topics of interest include

  • Key environmental impacts arising from IT
  • Ways to make IT environmentally sound
  • Server and application virtualization
  • Green computing and green data centers
  • Environmentally friendly IT asset disposal
  • Assessments of the effectiveness of green IT initiatives
  • Environmentally friendly total life-cycle management of IT
  • Using IT to support environmental initiatives through modeling, simulation, and decision support tools
  • Innovative ways of creating green awareness using IT
  • Green standards and regulations
  • Governments' roles in fostering and enforcing green IT initiatives
  • Users' and IT industry's attitude toward green IT
  • Green strategies, policies, and procedures
  • Benefits of, and barriers to, adopting greener IT practices

Feature articles should be no longer than 4,200 words (with tables and figures counting as 300 words). For author and submission guidelines, visit

For more information, contact the Guest Editors:

San Murugesan, University of Western Sydney & BRITE Professional Services, Australia,

Phillip A. Laplante, Penn State University,

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