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Litigating IT-Related Cases



In Information Technology Litigation: Law and Analysis (Law Journal Press, 2008, ISBN 978-1-58852-146-0, 600 pages), Barry Felder, Frederick Whitmer, and Jeffrey Weingart focus on legal issues relating to software, digital content, and electronic data across several disciplines.

Written for attorneys and other professionals responsible for handling the legal issues raised by new technology, the book examines the interplay between IT and intellectual property law in the commercial litigation environment.

The authors' specialization in complex intellectual property and IT-related disputes in US federal and state courts is clear from the book's subject matter:

  • IT-related copyright, trademark, trade secret and patent issues;
  • evolving privacy and data security considerations;
  • electronic discovery, computer forensics, and protective orders;
  • alternative dispute resolution; and
  • emerging areas, such as digital cataloging, virtual theft, and computer trespass claims.

Seeking to focus on how the law is currently applied, the authors plan to update the book at least twice each calendar year after publication to stay current with IT developments and emerging case law.

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How Web 2.0 Makes Money



Amy Shuen's Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide (O'Reilly Media, 2008, ISBN 978-0-596-52996-3, 266 pages) is designed to pragmatically examine what's different about Web 2.0 and how those differences can improve a company's bottom line. The book is aimed at IT professionals, executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs and seeks to use real-life examples to show how businesses large and small are creating new online opportunities.

Rather than focusing on individual technologies, the examples concentrate on effects. Shuen says that integrating Web 2.0 strategies means creating places online where people like to come together to share what they think, see, and do—enlist your customers to help build the site as well as "viral" awareness through word-of-mouth interest. This book demonstrates the power of this new paradigm by examining how:

  • Flickr, a classic user-driven business, created value for itself by helping users create their own value;
  • Google made money with a model based on free search and changed the rules for doing business on the Web;
  • social network effects can support a business (ever wonder how FaceBook grew so quickly?); and
  • businesses such as use creative approaches to monetize the investments they've already made.

Shuen has written before on Silicon Valley business models, and in this book she examines how enterprises are using Web 2.0 technologies to their economic benefit.

Clearing a Fuzzy Situation



Noam Rathus and Gadi Evron's Open Source Fuzzing Tools (Syngress Media, 2007, ISBN 978-1-59749-195-2, 448 pages) covers the subject of black box testing using fuzzing techniques.

A fuzzer is a program that attempts to discover security vulnerabilities by sending random data to an application to see if it crashes; if so, there are defects to correct. Fuzzing has been around for a while, but it's now transitioning from home-grown hacker tool to commercial-grade quality assurance product. Developers can use fuzzing to find and eliminate buffer overflows and other software vulnerabilities during the development process and before release.

Fuzzing is a fast-growing field with increasing commercial interest (seven companies unveiled fuzzing products in 2007). This book explores how fuzzing finds vulnerabilities and provides detailed information on fuzzing tools that are currently available. The authors also show how to build your own fuzzer to automate the process of detecting vulnerabilities in your own and third-party software.


The Buzz Around Virtualization

The IT Infrastructure, Operations, and Management Summit heads to Orlando, Florida, on 23–25 June 2008. The conference will examine virtualization's impact on data centers seeking to reduce costs while providing 24/7 availability and quality of service.

The summit is organized around four tracks: the IT operations track will include server provisioning and configuration, automation and workflow realities, and asset management in a virtualized world; the virtualization track will cover server virtualization for x86, Unix, and mainframes, data protection and disaster recovery, and next-generation technologies; the infrastructure track will include Vista and Office 2007 migrations, storage trends and disruptive technologies, and virtualized client computing; and the IT modernization track will include power and cooling challenges, improving disaster recovery testing efficiency, and the impact of software as a service.

Breakout sessions, analyst round tables, and user experience sessions will focus on issues such as IT modernization, infrastructure consolidation, business resilience, and performance management.

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The Fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture Foundation Seminar 2008 will be held in Washington, DC, this September. The seminar will focus on establishing a disciplined process—from planning to implementation—for responding to new business initiatives, increased technical complexity, and heightened time and budget constraints. The promoters view the enterprise as "a holistic system of systems that deliver agility, speed, and integration."

The seminar is designed to present enterprise architecture fundamentals for IT and business management. The sessions will explore how to use enterprise architecture to

  • build governance processes,
  • establish key organizational roles and responsibilities, and
  • integrate business and IT strategies.

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Innovations 2008

The 5th annual Innovations in Information Technology forum (Innovations 08) is coming to the United Arab Emirates University's new College of Information Technology in December 2008.

Researchers will present work in a range of topics, including

  • wireless access technologies,
  • network security and privacy,
  • cryptography and authentication,
  • mobile and mesh networks,
  • multimedia communications,
  • network management and performance,
  • Internet services and applications,
  • IT management,
  • information ethics and IP, and
  • business process modeling.

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Think Tank on IT's Impact

The Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (CRITO; is one of the world's leading think tanks on IT's impact on organizations and society, as well as on IT management.

Based at the University of California, Irvine for more than 20 years, CRITO brings together multidisciplinary perspectives from internationally recognized experts in the fields of management, computer science, and social science. CRITO conducts both academic and applied research focus on IT management, the IT-enabled enterprise, technology-intensive user environments, and the increasingly global nature of IT use and production. Research projects are divided into five main areas of study: IT in business, globalization of IT, IT in education, IT in the home, and IT in government.

Visitors to the site can freely access research papers, subscribe to a newsletter, find out about news and events, and more.

Teaching and Developing IT Skills

The Educators' Website for Information Technology (EWIT; is designed for academic and technical educators in community-based and business partnerships. EWIT supports the use of academic standards to enhance learning and to develop IT skills for career advancement.

The site aims to assist academic and technical communities in helping students develop IT skills. It provides tools and resources in program areas including skill standards, integrating academic with career and technical standards, and IT curricula and assessment.

EWIT offers several services, including strategic planning (with an IT career-development program planning guide to help employers and educators assess IT education-to-employment programs), assessment (to help school administrators determine areas of strength and weaknesses), curriculum development (tools, technical assistance, and support for analyzing curricula to ensure focus on standards and problem-based learning), professional development (online institutes and courses for educators), and evaluation (including community mapping and program and project evaluation).

Classified Advertising

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Rates are $110.00 per column inch ($125 minimum). Eight lines per column inch and average five typeset words per line. Send copy at least one month prior to publication date to: Marian Anderson, Classified Advertising, IT Professional, 10662 Los Vaqueros Circle, PO Box 3014, Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1314; (714) 821-8380; fax (714) 821-4010. Email:

INFORMATION SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR FOR OPERATIONS. Manage financial computer systems, provide technical expertise for financial computer networks, hardware and software specifications, and installations and training to Parking Services. Duties include numerical and data analysis utilizing Matlab mathematical program and Visual Basic programming language on networked computer systems. Send cover letter and resume to Michael Brennan, Parking Services, University of Massachusetts, 51 Forestry Way, Amherst, MA 01003.

APPLICATIONS ENGINEER. Design Desktop, Web and Wireless application framework using .NET, Java, J2ME, Oracle, MS SQL Server. Implement security model, and design Business Object Models. Lead, direct and review all technical activities associated with delivering technology solutions. Review and approve all plans associated with project execution. Produce status reporting as required by client and CEO. Req: Bachelor's in Electrical Eng, Electronics Eng, Computer Eng or Foreign Equiv.40 hr/wk. Job/Interview Site: Santa Monica, CA. Send resume to: Regard Corp. @ (310) 388-5204.

SYSTEMS ANALYST. Conduct analysis of business flows. Diagnose hardware & software problems. Maintain local network, management database & proprietary programs. Develop online transaction software. Req: BS in Comp. Sci. 40 hr/wk. Job/Interview Site: Covina, CA. Send resume to: American Funding at

Computer - JR PROGRAMMER. Asst Programmers in design, dvlpmnt & maint. of Custom softw. for Telxon using TCAL/TPro language on TCAL oper. systems. Assist in design & maint. of interface incl. data systems of clients & Texlon using VB, MS Access. Assist in identifying softw. for updates. Req: Bachelor's in Comp Sci. or Equiv. 40 hrs/wk. Job/Intview Site: Tustin, CA. Send res: Data-code Inc @ PO Box 865, Tustin, CA 92781.

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