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From the EIC: Building from a Solid Foundation

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Abstract—With a sharper focus on serving problem solvers, IT Pro will continue to offer an eclectic mix of solid information.

Welcome to IT Professional's eighth year. Let me begin by congratulating our outgoing editor in chief, Frank Ferrante, for his outstanding leadership during the past four years. During Frank's tenure, IT Pro has become one of the IEEE Computer Society's fastest growing and most widely read publications. Frank has agreed to join IT Pro's Advisory Board, and will spearhead several important initiatives for the magazine. Thanks, Frank!

We also welcome Jeff Voas and Ken Christensen as associate editors in chief, and we're in the process of adding new members to our distinguished advisory and editorial boards. We'll introduce them in later issues.

As a preface to our eighth year in publication, let me share some recent findings from an October 2005 subscriber survey. First and foremost, the survey reveals that IT Pro appeals to problem solvers, those successful, goal-oriented leaders who strive to find solutions to specific project needs. Problem solvers tend to keep up with the latest theories, research, products, and services and they especially like articles that provide overviews and surveys of new technologies, trends, and best practices. Topics of particular interest to this subset of readers include security; networking; software development, design, and engineering; database and information management; and IT consulting.

The survey also revealed that IT Pro readers tend to be seasoned professionals, with 80 percent having 11 or more years of experience in the industry. A significant number of these professionals are women. More than 75 percent have graduate degrees, and many perform management functions, and have job titles like senior manager, program manager, and project manager. More than 15 percent are "C-level" executives, such as presidents, CEOs, CIOs, and COOs.

Finally, the survey found that readers regard IT Pro as informative, relevant, authoritative, and balanced in its coverage of information technology solutions for the enterprise.

In the upcoming year, the editorial board and I will continue to build on our core strengths—IT practices, processes, methods, technologies, and tools—with six themes during 2006. We begin with IT Best Practices in this issue—led by Guest Editors Phil Laplante and Reza Djavanshir. We'll continue with Service-Oriented Architectures and Computing in March-April; IT Innovation and Evolution in May-June; Warehousing, Mining, and Managing Data in July-August; IT Metrics in September-October; and Tools and Strategies for Managing Networks and Systems in November-December.

Each issue of IT Pro will also highlight one or more technology focus areas, including voice over IP (VoIP) technologies for the enterprise, application-oriented networking, IEEE 802.16 (WiMax), 4G telecommunications, complex systems, the European Union's Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications, and security appliances.

In the coming year, we'll also continue several popular threads from previous issues. These include combating plagiarism with technology, a status report on grid computing, technologies for an accessible web, resources for online teaching and learning, and status reports on HiPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

We shall continue our affiliations with international IEEE conferences and symposia that are most relevant to IT practitioners—Enterprise Computing (EDOC 2006), Services Computing (SCC 2006), and Web Services (ICWS 2006). Watch for conference summaries, highlights, and excerpts from the best papers immediately following each of these conferences.

IT Pro covers the entire IT spectrum—best practices, technologies, applications, strategies, tactical issues, and IT's value proposition. We publish an eclectic mix of relevant, high-quality, peer-reviewed articles and opinion pieces, and we are nimble enough to move hot topic articles from manuscript to publication in a matter of weeks. If you'd like to write for us, visit for details.

Arnold Bragg

Editor in Chief

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