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Managing Outsourcing



The Manager's Step-by-Step Guide to Outsourcing, Linda Dominguez. In this book, a Fortune 500 consultant helps implement and manage a successful outsourcing initiative. Many leading companies have turned to outsourcing as an integral part of their management strategy in recent years. This book serves as a guide to outsourcing choices, and includes information on planning and implementing a viable outsourcing strategy.

Part 1 covers the fundamentals and provides an overview of the outsourcing world as well as recent surveys. Part 2, "Benefits and Barriers," shows how to measure the risks and rewards of outsourcing, determine what business areas to outsource, recognize the critical success factors in vendor selection, and provide a transitional blueprint.

Part 3, "Commitment to Succeed," explores how to build a team, what new skills will be needed, outsourcing hurdles and how to overcome them, and how to deal with cultural and language barriers.

McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0071458247; 288 pp.; $29.95.

Business Process Outsourcing



Outsourcing Success: The Management Imperative, Alpesh Patel and Hemendra Aran. Outsourcing business processes has been a growing trend among major corporations. Many of these companies have already outsourced overseas, and the next wave will likely include many SMEs as well. The resulting changes and implications for businesses will be substantial. Using current research and data, the authors provide case studies, analysis, diagrams, and interviews with major corporations to highlight which best practices to follow and the pitfalls to avoid.

Topics covered include: the business process outsourcing opportunity, the competitive landscape, choosing the right partners, sourcing strategies, business research and independent stock research cases, the CFO perspective, and the future of outsourcing.

Palgrave Macmillan; ISBN 1403946221; 208 pp.; $45.00.

CIO Online's Outsourcing Resources



CIO's online site provides a sectional tab on outsourcing resources as well as a linked selection of resources for staffing and retention.

The page contains links to features, columns, research reports, case studies, analysts, and industry events. At the top of the page is the Editor's Choice, which contains a link to a recent outsourcing-related article of interest.

The features section contains articles published in CIO, such as "Simple Successful Outsourcing," "Outsource, Don't Abdicate," "It's Cheaper in China," and "Backsourcing Pain." The columns section contains links to CIO-published titles such as "Don't Debate: Innovate!", "Essential Technology: Looking Out; Looking In," "Hot Seat: Management Reports," and "World View: The Inner Cost of Outsourcing."

In the analysts section, a Compass America article examines the inherent penalties and incentives of outsourcing relationships, and another Compass America article discusses the characteristics of a maturing outsourcing market.

2006 Outsourcing World Summit

20-22 February 2006

Orlando, Fla.



This year's theme is leadership. Tracks 1, 2, and 3 will deal with the critical stages of the outsourcing process: strategy, implementation, and management. Track 4 focuses on the unique considerations for offshore outsourcing. Track 5 covers the skills for outsourcing professionals. Track 6 provides insights to help outsourcing service providers assist customers and grow their businesses. Track 7 delivers real-life customer case studies where customers and their provider partners candidly share their experiences working together.

Additionally, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) will offer its Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Preparation Class, to teach the requirements and steps for earning worldwide recognition as a certified professional in your field. For a full list of IAOP chapters visit

Views of Outsourcing



Outsourcing: The Definitive View, Applications and Implications, Nicholas Burkholder, ed. Set for publication in early February 2006, this book documents various aspects of outsourcing and its political implications. Outsourcing has become a hot topic both in business and the general press, and issues relating to competition and workforce demands continue to keep it a lightning rod topic. As a result, organizational interest in, and commitment to, outsourcing has also grown significantly.

The book also touches on outsourcing theory, facts and examples and will help organizations decide what, when and how to outsource.

The editor—a labor economist, a HR consultant, and an executive—provides a framework for the contributors, which include major academics, corporate leaders and outsourcing providers.

Subjects include outsourcing incentives, outsourcing defined (with examples), failures, successes, and labor market and economic implications.

Wiley; ISBN 0471694819; 288 pp.; $50.00.

OutSourcing World



OutSourcingWorld is publication that contains a suite of information services for decision makers and buyers of outsourced IT services (ITO) and IT-enabled business process services (BPO). The magazine maintains this Web site presence.

A section on the left side of the main page contains links to IT outsourcing topics, including data center operations, IT help desk, IT security services, network operations, software development, software maintenance, and Web site development.

A business process services section on the same side of the main page contains links to BPO topics, such as animation and graphics, accounting and finance, banking, business intelligence, content development, corporate training, call centers, data management, document conversion, engineering design, financial research, HR administration, insurance, legal, Medicare and health care, product development, sales and marketing, technical support, research and development, shareholder services, tax processing, and travel and hospitality.

The main body of the main page is broken down into sections: news, features, opinions, and resources. The resources section contains links to white papers, company directories, and industry events.

For free access to feature articles, visitors must first register with

The govHR Summit 2006

6-7 February 2006

White Sulfur Springs, WV



The govHR Summit 2006 is an opportunity for HR professionals to examine the role of human resources. This annual event operates on the premise that human resources must be aligned with the core goals of federal, state, and local agencies.

Government HR professionals face a dynamic business environment: budget cuts, downsizing, private sector competition, and impending federal and state regulations that pressure public sector HR departments to move beyond traditional methods to develop and deliver more sophisticated efforts. The govHR Summit 2006 will offer government HR professionals methods and strategies to achieve HR efficiency.

Effective Recruitment Strategies is one of the main subject areas of the conference. This section will focus on improving methods for selecting the best and most qualified candidates, analyzing the use of different flexibilities in recruiting to offer improved compensation packages and recruitment bonuses, utilizing automation to streamline recruitment processes, developing techniques to maximize on the timeframe to fill positions, marketing an agency to attract the right candidates, and gaining the competitive edge in the race for private sector candidates.

The Changing Face of HR is another subject area the conference will explore. This part of the conference will look at adopting processes to streamline HR, analyzing outsourcing as an HR function, and being open to change and new information while adjusting new environments, obstacles, and challenges.


E-commerce Strategy



Farce to Force: Building Profitable E-commerce Strategies, Sarah McCue. Set for publication in January of 2006, this book explores the process of choosing an e-commerce strategy and building a plan. It contains strategy templates and techniques, as well as examples of successful e-commerce marketing techniques and additional resources to build programs.

After the introduction, the author discusses the current e-commerce challenges that SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) face, trends in e-commerce, research, and e-commerce success stories.

The book then shifts its focus to developing a specific e-commerce strategy, and includes tips, and advice on networking. The author offers her opinion of where e-commerce is headed throughout.

The author is manager of the Information and Communications Technology for Development practice at the U.N. Development Program. She also authored "The Federal Role of National Export Development Organizations" and drafted the "E-Commerce Strategy for the U.S. Small Business Administration."

South-Western Educational Publishing; ISBN 0538726776; 304 pp.; $27.95.

E-commerce Guide



E-commerce Guide provides news, reviews, and technology. Operated by Jupiter Media, this site provides daily news, feature articles, case studies, an e-commerce events calendar, and e-commerce-focused discussion forums. The site also reviews tools and software for building an e-commerce site, including auction builders, commerce servers, payment solutions, portal sites, and storefront builders.

The forums section contains online discussions on topics such as small business computing, e-commerce issues, online marketing issues, a "Rate My Site" area where visitors can get the opinions of peers on e-commerce or a company's Web site, and an informal "Executive Lounge."

Site registration is required before viewing some material.

Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo

27 February-2 March 2006

New York City



Organized by search-guru Danny Sullivan, this conference offers information on growing business through search engine marketing.

The conference will teach search engine marketing with the help of experts using search engines. It provides a setting to network with marketers and search engine industry professionals and discuss trends in search engine marketing.

Attendees will have access to search engine marketing and optimization-related solutions providers, as well as potential partners and affiliates. Prior to the show, attendees can get the latest event information at the SES blog through the main Web site.

Visitors to the conference can also learn: how search engines list Web sites for free and through paid placements, how to get free "organic" traffic by building a site that pleases search engines and visitors, how to purchase listings guaranteed to rank a company at the top of search engine results, how to calculate the ROI of search marketing efforts by tracking visitors from the time they hit a site until they buy, and get tips on improving conversion if they don't. The conference will also examine how to build links that generate traffic to a Web site, and how to avoid the penalties of "spamming" the search engines.

6th Annual Conference of the International Academy of E-Business

23-26 March 2006

Orlando, Fla.

This year's conference theme is "E-technologies and Their Impact on Globalization of Business: Concepts, Models, Problems, and Strategies."

The International Academy of E-Business is an academic group that seeks members from academia, business, and government who have an interest in e-strategies, policies, and practices.

Tracks at this year's conference will include e-business models/theories/conceptual frameworks; e-commerce strategies, and infrastructure and technologies.

IEEE Conference on E-commerce Technology (CEC '06) and Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-commerce and E-computing (EEE '06)

26-29 June 2006

San Francisco, CA



The 2006 conference will be a joint event providing a platform for researchers interested in the theory and practice of e-commerce and enterprise computing. The conference focuses on new technologies and methods geared towards business process innovation such as optimizing existing or creating new business processes.

The joint programs of CEC '06 and EEE '06 will consist of tutorials, invited talks, paper presentations, and panel discussions.

The theme for CEC '06 and EEE '06 will be "Real-Time Enterprises." Tutorials will cover auctions, negotiations and supply chain management, business intelligence and data mining applied to business problems, IT service management, virtualization and enterprise grids, Web services computing and interworkflow, security, privacy, and trust in e-commerce.

Small Business Training Network



The Small Business Training Network is a customer-focused SBA strategy to help small businesses. It is an Internet-based learning environment—operating like a virtual campus—offering online courses, workshops, publications, information resources, learning tools and access to electronic counseling and other forms of technical assistance.

The Training Network captures, aggregates, and sorts the SBA and agency resource training programs by content, making them available in multiple formats.

Many of the learning opportunities offered by the Training Network are developed by co-sponsors (academic institutions and corporations). Others are developed by SBA's resource partners or internally through agency contracts. All of the offerings are free, most are self-paced, and the majority are considered "topical primers."

The Training Network also serves as a window to all of the traditional, face-to-face technical assistance programs offered by the agency. Traditional training opportunities offered by SBA and its resource partners around the country can be identified by clicking on National Training Events, or Training Resource Partners.

Strategic Nuts and Bolts



E-Business: Organizational and Technical Foundations, M. Papazoglou and Pieter Ribbers. This book uses real-world examples to explain the theory and practice of e-business.

It examines the relationship of e-business to business strategy, from business models to governance structures, and covers issues to consider when designing an e-business strategy—from XML and electronic markets to e-procurement and e-business networks.

The authors provide an overview of the technical foundations of e-business, with discussions of security, middleware, component-based development, legacy applications, enterprise application integration, and business protocols.

In one such overview section on the world of e-business, the authors cover topics such as an explanation of e-business, differences between e-business and e-commerce, critical factors, characteristics of e-business, elements of an e-business solution, e-business requirements, inhibitors of e-business, management and strategy issues, cost and financing, security, legal issues, and technological concerns.

An e-business strategy section covers strategic positioning, the three levels of e-business strategy, the changing competitive agenda of business and technology drivers, the strategic planning process, strategic alignment, consequences of e-business, competitive strategy theory, the resource-based view, transaction cost economics, success factors for implementation of e-business strategies, design characteristics of program management, and change agentry.

John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 0470843764; 640 pp.; $65.00.


Anti-Spam Solutions for Administrators



Slamming Spam: A Guide for System Administrators, Robert Haskins and Dale Nielsen. In this book, two spam fighters show you how to fight—and win—the war against spam. Written specifically for in-the-trenches system administrators, this book offers deep, administrator-focused coverage of the most valuable open-source tools for reducing spam's impact in the enterprise.

Drawing on their experience in developing and implementing anti-spam tools, the authors present expert insights into every leading approach to fighting spam.

Among other topics, the book covers step-by-step junk mail filtering with Procmail; making the most of native MTA anti-spam features, including whitelists and blacklists, DNS black hole services, and header checking; McAfee SpamKiller for Lotus Domino; McAfee SpamKiller for Microsoft Exchange; and anti-spam solutions for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Messenger, and Unix mail clients.

Whatever your IT environment and mail platform, this book addresses in-depth strategies to reduce spam and all its attendant costs.

Addison-Wesley Professional; ISBN 013-146716-6; 432 pp.; $44.99

Business-Focused Information Security



The Executive Guide to Information Security: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions, Mark Egan and Tim Mather. This book offers realistic, step-by-step recommendations for evaluating and improving information security in any enterprise. From start to finish, the focus is on action: what works and how to get it done. Readers will learn about security challenges and obligations; trends in security attacks; systematically identifying their risks and vulnerabilities; implementing best-practice processes for access, acceptable use, training, strategy, and emergency response; effective executive leadership, governance, and metrics; and staffing security.

Whether you're a CxO, a line-of-business executive, or an IT executive who needs to get colleagues up to speed, this book offers a nontechnical, business-driven security briefing aimed at executives.

Addison-Wesley Professional; ISBN 0-321-30451-9; 288 pp.; $34.99.

Unix Systems Security Fundamentals

11 January-15 February 2006




The University of California, Los Angeles, offers this online course (Unix Systems Security Fundamentals (Online), X417.82, Management, 3 units, $525) through its University Extension program. Intended to expose the Unix system administrator or user to a wide variety of tools and techniques, this course delivers information on how to secure a Unix system on the Internet. Instruction provides in-depth coverage of defense strategy and how to apply this strategy to securing a Unix system from the host perspective. The course covers fundamental security practices for Unix system administration, including policy, roles, security awareness, authentication, encryption, intrusion detection, integrity assurance, audit trails, performing a security audit, and access control. It also introduces students to a wide variety of practical Unix security tools. Prerequisites include course X417.31, Introduction to Unix and Linux, or equivalent knowledge. Enrollment is limited; enrollment is required prior to the first class.

IEEE International Symposium on Secure Software Engineering

13-15 March 2006

McLean, VA

This new Symposium series covers the latest in research and experience reflecting the community's response to the need for more secure software and addresses the interests of the commercial, governmental, educational, and research sectors.

The Symposium covers all aspects of the processes, techniques, technology, people, and knowledgebase that have or need the capability to contribute to producing (more) secure software including their characteristics, interrelationships, creation, sources, transfer, introduction, use, and improvement.

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