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Issue No.04 - July/August (2008 vol.12)
pp: 30-36
Steve Glass , Queensland Research Lab, NICTA
Marius Portmann , University of Queensland
Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy , Queensland Research Lab, NICTA
Now found in domestic, commercial, industrial, military, and healthcare applications, wireless networks are becoming ubiquitous. Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) combine the robustness and performance of conventional infrastructure networks with the large service area and self-organizing and self-healing properties of mobile ad hoc networks. In this article, the authors consider the problem of ensuring security in WMNs, introduce the IEEE 802.11s draft standard, and discuss the open security threats faced at the network and data-link layers.
wireless mesh network, Security, network-level security, protection, mesh networking
Steve Glass, Marius Portmann, Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy, "Securing Wireless Mesh Networks", IEEE Internet Computing, vol.12, no. 4, pp. 30-36, July/August 2008, doi:10.1109/MIC.2008.85
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