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Issue No.06 - November/December (2003 vol.7)
pp: 86-87
Published by the IEEE Computer Society
<p>IEEE Internet Computing delivers high-quality peer-reviewed articles only through the efforts of our volunteers.Volunteer reviewers are a key to our selecting the best articles for publication; their reviews are vital for aiding authors to improve their compositions.While individual reviews are performed confidentially,we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank our 2003 reviewers for their gracious efforts.</p>

Acosta, , Lane15 Software

Aoriri, , Intel IT Strat & Tech

Arpaci-Dusseau, , Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

Arpinar, , Univ. of Georgia

J. Bachman, , Sprint Mobile Computing Services

Baker, , Idokorro Mobile

Balfanz, , Palo Alto Research Center

Banerjee Birla,, Institute of Technology & Science

Baresi, , Politecnico di Milano Technical Univ.

(Ram) P. Batni, , Lucent Technologies

Baumgartner, , Vienna Univ. of Technology

Bellavista, , Universita degli Studi di Bologna

Benatallah, , Univ. of New South Wales

Brian Blake, , Georgetown Univ.

Bressan, , National Univ. of Singapore

A. Buhler, , College of Charleston

Burstein, , BBN Technologies

Cai, , Peking Univ.

W. Cameron, , Univ. of South Carolina

H. Campbell, , Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cappello, , LRI, Université Paris Sud

Casati, , Hewlett-Packard

Chalmers, , Imperial College London

Chervenak, , Univ. of Southern California

Chuang, , Univ. of California, Berkeley

Colajanni, , Università di Modena

L. Craig, , IBM Research

Czajkowski, , Univ. of Southern California

Dahlin, , Univ. of Texas at Austin

Daley, , Monash Univ.

Dasarathy, , Telecordia Technologies

D. Davison, , Lehigh Univ.

DeMichiel, , Sun Microsystems

Denker, , SRI International

A. Dinda, , Northwestern Univ.

Douglis, , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Drees, , Independent Consultant

Droms, , Cisco Systems

Duchamp, , Stevens Institute of Technology

Murat Eksioglu, , Oxygen Technologies

El-Ghazawi, , George Washington Univ.

Elsayed, , Cairo Univ.

Escudero-Pascual, , Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Euzenat, , INRIA

"Michael" Fang, , Univ. of Florida

Fernandes, , IBM Austin

Fong, , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Friday, , Lancaster Univ.

Gaj, , George Mason Univ.

Georgakopoulos, , Telecordia Technologies

Ghenniwa, , Univ. of Western Ontario

Giordano, , LCA-IC-Ecole Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausanne

Goswami, , Univ. of Michigan

Griffith, , Columbia Univ.

Grundy, , Univ. of Auckland

Guerrero, , Universidade da Coruña

Hailpern, , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Handschuh, , Univ. of Karlsruhe

Harrington, , Trinity College, Dublin

W. Haskins, Jr., , Center for Computing Sciences

C. Hearn, , Independent Consultant

M. Herger, , DGM-Internet Infrastructure and Computing Utilities

Hsieh, , Univ. of New South Wales

A. Hiltunen, , AT&T Labs-Research

Hjelm, , Ericsson

Holz, , Univ. of Kaiserslautern

Huang, , AT&T Labs-Research

Ivezec, , NIST and Univ. of Maryland

Jana, , AT&T Shannon Research Labs

Jha, , Univ. of New South Wales

Jim, , AT&T Labs-Research

Jora, , AT&T Labs-Research

Jung, , Seoul National Univ.

Kashyap, , Nat'l Library of Medicine

Mansfield Keeni, , Cyber Solutions

Kirby, , Univ. of St. Andrews

Klein, , MIT

Kulkarni, , Univ. of Massachusetts

Lach, , Motorola Labs

Lacroix, , Univ. of Pennsylvania

Laubacher, , MIT

Lehman, , IBM Almaden Research Center

Kian Lee, , Nat'l Univ. of Singapore

Leinen, , Switch

Lund Kramshøj, , Independent Consultant

Luo, , AT&T Labs-Research

Machiraj, , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Magg, , Politecnico di Torino

Manola, , The MITRE Corporation

Martin, , SRI

Mascagni, , Florida State Univ.

McClure, , Credit Suisse First Boston (Tokyo)

McDermott, , Yale Univ.

R. Merkey, , Michigan Technical Univ.

Niersman, , NiVO Engineering BV

Parnes, , Luleå Univ.

Pashtan, , Motorola Labs

Pradhan, , IBM Research

Parigger, , Univ. of Tennessee

Pau, , Rotterdam School of Management

S. Plank, , Univ. of Tennessee

Ratnasamy, , Intel Research

N. Robinson, , Georgia State Univ.

R. Rose, , Univ. of South Carolina

Roth, , Institute for Computer Graphics

Roy, , Univ. of Wisconsin

Sander, , Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Sauer, , RJM Business Solutions GmbH

D. Schlesinger, , Center for Computing Sciences

M. Schopf, , Argonne National Laboratory

Shah, , Indian Institute of Technology

Shenoy, , Univ. of Massachusetts

P. Singh, , North Carolina State Univ.

Staab, , Univ. of Karlsruhe

M. Stephens, , Univ. of South Carolina

Stiemerling, , NEC

Steiner, , WebV2

Stojanovic, , Univ. of Karlsruhe

H. Swortwood, , OmegaBand

Sudiro, , Cisco Systems

Traversat, , Sun Microsystems

Tolksdorf, , Freie Universitaet Berlin

Tomaiuolo, , Università di Parma

Troan, , Cisco Systems

Trost, , Ease Software

M. Vidal, , Univ. of South Carolina

David Villarreal, , Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Wasserkrug, , IBM Research Lab

Wei, , AT&T Labs-Research

Wills, , Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Wolski, , Univ. of California, Santa Barbara

Yang, , Tilburg Univ.

M. Zachary, , Lousiana State Univ.

Y. Zhao, , Univ. of California, Berkeley

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