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Issue No.04 - July-Aug. (2013 vol.28)
pp: 43-51
Pedro Faria , Polytechnic of Porto
Zita Vale , Polytechnic of Porto
Joao Soares , Polytechnic of Porto
Judite Ferreira , Polytechnic of Porto
Price-based demand response is applied to electric power systems. Demand elasticity and consumer response enables load reduction. The methodology is implemented in the DemSi demand response simulator.
Load management, Electricity, Load modeling, Elasticity, Power systems, Optimization, Particle swarm optimization,simulation, Load management, Electricity, Load modeling, Elasticity, Power systems, Optimization, Particle swarm optimization, intelligent systems, demand response, distribution network, electricity markets, particle swarm optimization, power systems
Pedro Faria, Zita Vale, Joao Soares, Judite Ferreira, "Demand Response Management in Power Systems Using Particle Swarm Optimization", IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol.28, no. 4, pp. 43-51, July-Aug. 2013, doi:10.1109/MIS.2011.35
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