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Issue No.06 - Nov.-Dec. (2012 vol.27)
pp: 8-16
Hugo Morais , Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Tiago Pinto , Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Zita Vale , Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Isabel Praça , Polytechnic Institute of Porto
A multilevel negotiation mechanism for operating smart grids and negotiating in electricity markets considers the advantages of virtual power player managemen.
Smart grids, Electricity supply industry, Resource management, Distributed power generation, Multiagent systems, Renewable energy resources, smart grids, Smart grids, Electricity supply industry, Resource management, Distributed power generation, Multiagent systems, Renewable energy resources, virtual power players, distributed generation, electricity markets, multiagent simulation
Hugo Morais, Tiago Pinto, Zita Vale, Isabel Praça, "Multilevel Negotiation in Smart Grids for VPP Management of Distributed Resources", IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol.27, no. 6, pp. 8-16, Nov.-Dec. 2012, doi:10.1109/MIS.2012.105
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