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Issue No.04 - July-Aug. (2012 vol.27)
pp: 11-17
Christophe Gravier , Université Jean Monnet
Jacques Fayolle , Université Jean Monnet
Jérémy Lardon , Université Jean Monnet
Martin J. O'Connor , Stanford University
Group activities are important aspects of the traditional laboratory experience. A framework using Semantic Web technologies supports collaborative strategies for online laboratories as well.
Collaboration, Knowledge based systems, Ontologies, OWL, Learning systems, Human computer interaction, Adaptive systems, knowledge-based systems, ontology-driven applications, adaptive systems, remote laboratories, computer-supported collaborative learning, Web-based instruction, ontologies, OWL, SWRL, rule-based systems
Christophe Gravier, Jacques Fayolle, Jérémy Lardon, Martin J. O'Connor, "Adaptive System for Collaborative Online Laboratories", IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol.27, no. 4, pp. 11-17, July-Aug. 2012, doi:10.1109/MIS.2011.1
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