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Helping the Field

In your timely editorial "Avoiding Another AI Winter" (Mar./Apr. 2008), you end with two items we can all do to help the field:

  • acknowledge the successes we see and
  • document the past decade's successes.

To those ends, the AAAI Web site AI Topics ( www.aaai.org/aitopics) can help. On that site, Jon Glick's monthly compendia of news articles about successful applications of AI as well as items about issues in the news, appear as "AI in the News." These items have been archived since 2001.

Articles and videos relevant to AI are included in the searchable pages. So, a search on "money," for example, will show the March 2008 page, which includes the story on the technology behind the FBI's search for money laundering that pointed to the NY governor's large cash withdrawals.

AAAI members can sign up for monthly "AI Alerts," which deliver a selection of current news stories mentioning AI. Many stories are about positive successes. Even the stories containing criticisms or descriptions of failures are items that we should be aware of because colleagues, friends, and students are reading these stories. Knowing what our critics are reading can also help us celebrate our many successes.

Bruce G. Buchanan

University Professor of Computer Science Emeritus University of Pittsburgh buchanan@cs.pitt.edu


In Figure 5a of "The Smart Architect: Scalable Ontology-Based Modeling of Ancient Chinese Architectures" (Jan./Feb. 2008, p. 54), the label for the left deep-gray grid set should be PC, and the label for the right deep-gray grid set should be $\bar P_C $. We apologize for the error. We've updated the electronic version of the article in the IEEE Computer Society's Digital Library.

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