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Issue No.04 - July/August (2010 vol.27)
pp: 20-31
Hong Li , University of California, Santa Barbara
Chuan Xu , University of California, Santa Barbara
Kaustav Banerjee , University of California, Santa Barbara
<p>Editor's note:</p><p>Carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons are two promising next-generation interconnect technologies. Electrical modeling and performance analysis have demonstrated the superiority of these emerging technologies compared to conventional copper interconnects, as this article explains.</p><p align="right">&#x2014;Sriram Vangal, Intel</p>
design and test, carbon nanomaterials, carbon nanotube (CNT), graphene nanoribbon (GNR), electrical interconnects, optical interconnects, RF or wireless interconnects, on-chip vias, through-silicon vias (TSVs), delay, power
Hong Li, Chuan Xu, Kaustav Banerjee, "Carbon Nanomaterials: The Ideal Interconnect Technology for Next-Generation ICs", IEEE Design & Test of Computers, vol.27, no. 4, pp. 20-31, July/August 2010, doi:10.1109/MDT.2010.55
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