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A Message from the Chair

As the year 2009 goes by, we continue to pursue novel technical, conference, and publishing activity at DATC. We are receiving an increasing number of contributions for our online newsletter, which is much appreciated, and we continue to lead an expansion of the IEEE into conferences in emerging geographies for support, sponsorship, and brand association. If you would like to receive our online newsletter, please email Juan-Antonio Carballo at

New (sort of) conference!

We are happy to report that a leading conference has formally become a new part of the DATC roster. With Computer Society approval, our DATC committee has become a Technical Sponsor of the 12th Forum on Specification and Design Languages (FDL 2009). The forum is organized jointly with the DASIP (Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing) Conference and the SAME (Sophia Antipolis MicroElectronics) Conference. The three events convene at the same time in September. In addition to the technical conference sessions, the common exhibition floor will be open to tools and services providers in the system design domain. The FDL Forum will bring numerous and deep innovations in formal specification and design languages, which not coincidentally happens to have been a key focus of our committee over the years.

New chair elected

Finally, our new elected Chair, David Kung, is preparing to coordinate our committee starting in the third quarter of 2009. Some key preliminary viewpoints appear in the excerpt here, from David Kung himself:

"I am the senior manager of the Design Automation Department in the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. My job responsibility is managing a department of world-class researchers in design automation, charting the future direction of design tools research for IBM, securing funding for the department, and interacting with academia. I also have experience serving on conference committees in technical and executive member capacity. My technical background is in the area of logic and physical synthesis. I have led the research and development of IBM's physical synthesis tool and contributed to IBM's logic synthesis tool.

I am very excited to serve as chair of the DATC since there are a myriad of challenging and interesting issues at hand. The world economy is struggling to emerge from a disabling financial crisis, and the key to a smooth recovery is productivity, which design automation can play a crucial role to deliver. I believe we have a good opportunity to expand the scope of design automation and leverage the government's stimulus to help enable a smarter, greener, and safer planet. However, there are other new initiatives that the DATC can focus on, and I would like to solicit the committee members' opinion to come to a consensus. In addition, I would like to extend an invitation to everyone who is passionate about design automation to join the DATC. We certainly will benefit from a diverse membership to drive innovations and new ideas. I would like to thank everyone for their support, and I am looking forward to working with the DA community."

Juan-Antonio Carballo

DATC Chair


DASIP 2009

Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing

22–24 September 2009

Sophia Antipolis, France

A Message from the Editor

Please visit our website at, which has links to all our phone meeting minutes as well as our newsletter and many more topics. See our complete write-up on David Kung, DATC's new Chair. Please take a little time to critique the site; your suggestions and comments are very welcome.

Joe Damore

Newsletter Editor

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