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A Message from the Chair

We are delighted to note that activity and change has not only not declined at DATC but actually grown. In addition to the fact that we have elected a new chair, David Kung, we are receiving an increasing number of contributions for our newsletter, as well as an increasing number of requests from conferences worldwide that are interested in our support, sponsorship, and brand association. Don't forget our online newsletter: if you would like to receive it, please email Juan-Antonio Carballo at

New chair elected

We are pleased to announce that David Kung is the next chair of IEEE DATC. With his credentials and background, look for DATC to thrive even more under his leadership. David manages a department of design automation researchers and charts the future direction of design tools research for IBM. He joined the Advanced Simulation Group in IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York, in 1986 to work on a massively parallel hardware simulation engine. Subsequently, he joined the Logic Synthesis Group and was a contributor to IBM's BooleDozer logic synthesis system. In 1999, he became the Logic Synthesis Group manager and led project management and technical development of placement driven synthesis (PDS), IBM's physical synthesis software. He received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, an MA from Harvard University, and a PhD from Stanford University.

David Kung's high-level agenda themes are integration and collaboration. To understand what to integrate and what to collaborate on, he believes, we need a clear vision of the future. At a time when the design automation research budget across industry and academia has been reduced, he believes the DATC should step up to the challenge and provide a long-term DA strategy. He supports the roadmap effort of the base technology, designs, and systems, but proposes to explore emerging and new areas for potential expansion, such as design automation for biotech and pharmaceutical applications, design for environment tools, and DA techniques to facilitate the synergy between chip and system architecture and the software stack. In addition, David proposes to set up a task force to explore whether, and how, design automation should expand into these adjacent spaces.

David Kung will succeed Juan-Antonio Carballo on 1 July 2009 as the new DATC chair.

DATC-sponsored EDP Workshop

Gary Smith was this year's general chair of the Electronic Design Processes (EDP) Workshop, held in Monterey, California. EDP, our annual flagship symposium, is the IEEE workshop for design methodologists and has a high-profile attendance. Gary and Program Chair Dwight Hill assembled a really interesting program for 2009, and attendance was of the highest caliber. This year's topics included Are Threads Dead?, Challenges of RTL Handoff, Will We Miss the Bus?, and Is the Analog Revolution Really Here? Please see for plenty of interesting details, including presentations.

Juan-Antonio Carballo

DATC Chair


DASIP 2009

Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing

22–24 September 2009

Sophia Antipolis, France

A Message from the Editor

Please visit our website at, which has links to all our phone meeting minutes as well as our newsletter and many more. See our complete write-up on David Kung, DATC's new Chair Elect. Please take some time to critique the site; I would love some suggestions.

Joe Damore

Newsletter Editor

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