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9th IEEE Latin-American Test Workshop (LATW 08)

17-20 February 2008

Puebla, Mexico

The IEEE Latin-American Test Workshop provides an annual forum for test and fault tolerance professionals and technologists from Latin America and throughout the world to present and discuss various aspects of system, board, and component testing and fault tolerance, with design, manufacturing, and field considerations in mind.

Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE 08)

10-14 March 2008


DATE is the main European event that brings together designers and design automation users; researchers; and vendors; as well as specialists in hardware and software design, test, and the manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. DATE puts strong emphasis on ICs and SoCs, reconfigurable hardware, and embedded systems, including embedded software. This five-day event consists of a conference with plenary invited papers, regular papers, panels, hot-topic sessions, tutorials, and workshops, plus two special-focus days and a track for executives. The scientific conference is complemented by a commercial exhibition showing the state of the art in design and test tools, methodologies, IP and design services, reconfigurable and other hardware platforms, embedded software, and industrial design experiences from different application domains—for example, automotive, wireless, telecommunications, and multimedia applications.

15th International Test Synthesis Workshop (ITSW 08)

7-9 April 2008

Santa Barbara, California

DFT continues to be a challenge with shrinking time-to-market windows, shrinking device geometries, and increasing transistor densities. ITSW is a premier forum for sharing and exchanging ideas, issues, and best practices on the implementation of DFT features in today's complex ICs and SoC designs.

11th IEEE Workshop on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS 08)

16-18 April 2008

Bratislava, Slovakia

This workshop provides a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing research results, and presenting practical applications in the areas of design, test, and diagnosis of microelectronic circuits and systems.

26th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS 08)

27 April - 1 May 2008

San Diego, California

The IEEE VLSI Test Symposium is an annual TTTC-sponsored conference that explores emerging trends and novel concepts in test, diagnosis, and verification of electronic circuits and systems. Major topics include system-in-package (SiP) test, microelectromechanical system (MEMS) test, automatic test generation, nanometer technologies test, infrastructure IP, defect tolerance, and many more. Please see the VTS Web site for a complete list of topics and other details.

5th IEEE International Workshop on Silicon Debug and Diagnosis (SDD 08)

30 April - 1 May 2008

San Diego, California

This workshop considers all issues related to debugging and diagnosis of systems and circuits, from prototype bring-up to volume production. Debugging and diagnosis can help improve yield, correct design functions, perform failure mode learning for R&D, or just get a working prototype. However, this work can be very difficult, owing to circuit and system complexity, packaging, limited physical access, shortened product creation cycle and time to market, the traditional focus on only pass/fail testing, and missing tool and equipment capabilities. New and efficient solutions for debugging and diagnosis will have a much-needed, highly visible impact on productivity.


13th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS 08)

25-29 May 2008

Lago Maggiore, Italy∼ets08

The IEEE European Test Symposium is Europe's premier forum dedicated to presenting and discussing scientific results, emerging ideas, practical applications, hot topics, and new trends in the area of electronic-based circuits and systems testing. This annual event has undergone healthy growth and continued quality improvement since it was first organized in 1996.

IEEE International Mixed-Signals, Sensors, and Systems Test Workshop (IMS3TW 08)

18-20 June 2008

Vancouver, Canada∼w3mic/IMS3TW08

One-and-a-half decades ago, the IEEE Mixed-Signal Test Workshop (IMSTW) was inaugurated as a forum focused on test and DFT issues related to systems encompassing digital and analog electrical signals. In view of accelerated developments in heterogeneous design and production, in 2008 the workshop will increase its scope to include new topics focusing on challenges and solutions associated with test, DFT, reliability, and manufacturability of emerging or envisaged heterogeneous systems. Renamed to include sensors and systems, the new IMS3TW aims to bring research and technical expertise for the next generation of devices, circuits, and systems. IMS3TW will continue to address the traditional technology spectrum of IMSTW—in particular, all aspects of analog, mixed-signal, and RF testing—but with increased attention on all aspects of design complexity. Guaranteeing design robustness for the new generation of nanoelectronic devices may require exploiting self-monitoring functionality so that the circuit or system can adapt to varying circuit parameters or functional demands. Built-in sensors can play a crucial role to facilitate device adaptability.

14th IEEE International On-Line Testing Symposium (IOLTS 08)

7-9 July 2008

Rhodes, Greece

Issues related to online testing are increasingly important in modern electronic systems. In particular, the huge complexity of electronic systems has led to growth in reliability needs in several application domains, as well as pressure for low-cost products. There is a corresponding increasing demand for cost-effective online testing techniques. These needs have increased dramatically with the introduction of very deep-submicron and nanometer technologies, which adversely impact noise margins and process parameter variations, and which make integrating online testing and fault tolerance mandatory in many modern ICs. IOLTS is an established forum for presenting novel ideas and experimental data on these areas. The symposium also emphasizes online testing in the continuous operation of large applications such as wired, cellular, and satellite telecommunication, as well as in secure chips.


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