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As 2008 progresses, DATC is already on its way to another productive year. As the system and chip design arena continues its march toward globalization, multidiscipline codesign, system-level integration, and manufacturability awareness, our worldwide editorial, educational, and event initiatives continue to have the utmost importance. Our editorial newsletter continues to drive readership, with summaries of novel emerging conferences, our latest initiatives, and unique articles from top contributors. Our set of workshops on globalization and system-level design began in 2007 but will continue around the world in 2008. Finally, we plan to continue with our effort in support of the IEEE chip design certification initiative with the Council on Electronic Design Automation.

Beyond continuing our successful editorial, educational, and workshop and event initiatives in emerging areas (such as system design and global design), we are planning to explore new topics for 2008, including a new publicity-chair position, an online competition initiative to collectively describe and solve an industry chip design problem, and an initiative to renew and educate on IEEE design standards processes during our annual Electronic Design Processes (EDP) subcommittee workshop, with an ulterior report during the Design Automation Conference (DAC).

Please send us suggestions or offers for contribution as we continue our DATC endeavor.

Juan-Antonio Carballo

DATC Chair

+1 408 239 6130


Please join me in congratulating Juan-Antonio and his wife on the recent birth of their baby girl. All are doing well.

Also, as a former DATC chair, I'd like to offer a word of praise to Juan-Antonio for all of his efforts and achievements toward restoring DATC to its logical position in the EDA world.

For a summary of all that is in progress, please read our Web pages at, especially the Meeting Summary and the News Items. (Due to some abuse of our messaging capability, I had to turn the Guestbook off; please e-mail me if you'd like it turned back on.)


21st Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems Design (SBCCI 08)

1-4 September 2008

Gramado, Brazil

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