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Issue No.06 - November-December (2007 vol.24)
pp: 522-533
Thomas Eisenbarth , Ruhr University Bochum
Sandeep Kumar , Philips Research Europe
Christof Paar , Ruhr University Bochum
Axel Poschmann , Ruhr University Bochum
Leif Uhsadel , Catholic University of Leuven
The upcoming pervasive computing age will lead to an increased demand for security for applications ranging from RFIDs and smart cards to mobile devices. Lightweight cryptography is a key tool for building strong security solutions for pervasive devices. Due to the tight cost constraints of such extremely high-volume applications, efficient hardware and software implementations of cryptographic algorithms are of the utmost importance to realize the vision of pervasive computing. However, the computational complexity inherent in ciphers poses a major challenge. This article presents a selection of recently published lightweight cryptographic implementations and compares them to state-of-the-art results in the field. This survey covers recent hardware and software implementations of both symmetric and asymmetric ciphers.
RFID, DESL, Present, lightweight cryptography, embedded security, pervasive computing
Thomas Eisenbarth, Sandeep Kumar, Christof Paar, Axel Poschmann, Leif Uhsadel, "A Survey of Lightweight-Cryptography Implementations", IEEE Design & Test of Computers, vol.24, no. 6, pp. 522-533, November-December 2007, doi:10.1109/MDT.2007.178
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