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Bill Mann, SW Test Workshop Chair Emeritus

The 18th Annual IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop was held on 3–6 June 2007 in San Diego, California. SWTW 2007 included a technical program, supplier exhibits, and plenty of time for informal interaction. The broad technical program featured in-depth presentations and a few embedded tutorials to provide background information for the advanced presentations and for those new to the wafer probe business. There were 460 full-workshop attendees and another 31 single-day attendees.

Technical sessions began on Monday (4 June) with a large crowd of attendees on hand. After Jerry Broz gave the welcome presentation, he surprised Bill Mann, founder and general chair of the workshop for 16 years, with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Jerry showed several old photos of Bill. He also listed Bill's accomplishments and awards during his 32-year career at the semiconductor division of Rockwell International. The first technical session was on probe contact mechanisms. It included a discussion of probe mark inspection for highly reliable automotive devices by Texas Instruments and Camtek, the effect of different pad metallization on scrub marks by Feinmetall, and a minitutorial on contact resistance for different probe technologies by MicroProbe. The next session included presentations on controlling pad damage by FormFactor, Micron, International Test Solutions, and Hyphenated Systems. This session also featured a closed-loop probe card and pad analysis system by Spansion and Applied Precision for improving card performance.

There were 33 technical podium presentations, with 45% from suppliers, 30% from semiconductor manufacturers, and 25% joint presentations from manufacturer and suppliers. The Best Presentation award went to a team from STMicroelectronics and Technoprobe (Roberto Crippa, Stefano Lazzari, Raffaele Vallauri, and Massimo Gevasoni) for "Route60: A New Vertical Probing Technology." The Most Inspirational Presentation award went to IBM's Chris Sullivan and John Hagios for "Thin Film Interposer Probes in Production." The award for Best Data Presented went to MicroProbe's January Kister and Steve Hopkins for "Electrical Contact Resistance – The Key Parameter in Probe Card Performance." The award for Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature, went to Vincent Reynaud of Mesatronics for "Taguchi's Method Applied to Advanced Technology Probe Card Development." The award for Best Poster Paper went to Cascade Microtech's Roger Hayward and Bob Hansen for "Design Considerations for RF Probing in Production Environments."

All the presentations and posters are available on the SWTW Web site,

UPCOMING TTTC EVENTS International Test Conference (ITC 07)

23–25 October 2007

Santa Clara, California

The International Test Conference is the world's premier conference on the electronic test of devices, boards, and systems, covering the complete cycle from design verification, test, diagnosis, and failure analysis, to process and design improvement. At ITC, test and design professionals can confront the challenges that the industry faces and learn how these challenges are being addressed by the combined efforts of academia, design tool and equipment suppliers, designers, and test engineers. With the theme "Facing Nanometer-Technology Test Challenges," ITC 2007 will focus on breakthrough ideas addressing the challenges of providing high-quality, cost-effective tests for nanometer-technology designs.

8th International Workshop on Microprocessor Test and Verification (MTV 07)

5–6 December 2007

Austin, Texas

This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of verification and test to exchange innovative ideas and develop new methodologies to solve today's difficult challenges in various processor and SoC design environments. In the past few years, there has been some progress in exploiting techniques from test to solve problems in verification, and vice versa. This workshop provides an ideal forum for capitalizing on this progress to share test and verification experiences and develop innovative solutions.

IEEE International High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop (HLDVT 07)

7–9 November 2007

Irvine, California

This workshop provides a forum for designers and test and verification researchers involved in validating, debugging, synthesizing, and testing designs specified using high-level descriptions (that is, at the RT, behavioral, and system levels) to address high-level design, validation, and test issues concurrently. HLDVT aims to stimulate research in test and validation methodologies in these areas.

4th International Symposium on Electronic Design, Test & Applications (DELTA 2008)

23–25 January 2008

Hong Kong

DELTA 2008 is the fourth in a series of very successful workshops. Its mission is to bring together scientists, engineers, and researchers from all over the world to meet and discuss cutting-edge research and results in the emerging areas of electronic design, fabrication, test, advanced-systems applications, and related areas.

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