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A Message from the Incoming Chair

In this first DATC Newsletter of 2007, I'd like to review some of the changes that occurred in 2006. First, unforeseen circumstances led me to the DATC chair earlier than expected. As I began serving in this position, I once again realized the importance of DATC and the responsibility we have to provide real value differentiated from what other existing institutions provide. Second, Joe Damore and Steve Grout, who have done so much for our community, helped develop our collaboration infrastructure, with emphasis on the Internet aspect, which is increasingly important for our community. Most recently, Joe helped us to revamp our Web site at Finally, we started planning for a busy 2007. There are several projects underway, such as an overall community EDA-relevant calendar, a "State of the EDA" article that will appear here first (at least a summary), and more visibility in EDA conferences through several invited speeches. Stay tuned, and please feel free to send any suggestions.

From a broader perspective, various standardization efforts are underway in our industry, and in the semiconductor industry in general, in areas that have traditionally not been standardized. These include processor architectures, power consumption and analysis information, and physical design information. Watch this space for updates on further efforts. There's an increasing trend toward involving the IEEE in these efforts-for example, in design for manufacturability (DFM) and electronic system-level (ESL) design-thus, showing a growing trend toward collaboration. Acquisitions and partnerships are still showing signs of activity, especially in these two areas, which should have a strong impact on the technical activity behind DFM and ESL businesses. Throughout the remainder of the year, DATC will predict, recognize, and leverage these trends to drive technical direction, while increasingly collaborating with consortia, councils, and emerging analysts.

Juan-Antonio Carballo

DATC chair

From the Newsletter Editor

Technical information exchange is key to meeting the challenges of the future. That's why Juan-Antonio Carballo and the rest of the DATC executive committee are devoted to expanding our horizons and offering a forum for ideas. Please help us! We can be easily reached by e-mail, and we are eager to hear from our members. Please view our DATC Web site and send us your comments. Tell us how we can serve you and design automation in general-this wonderfully challenging and rewarding field that we're privileged to be a part of.

Joe Damore

Newsletter Editor


IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI

Porto Alegre, Brazil

9-11 May 2007

10th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD): Architectures, Methods and Tools

L├╝beck, Germany

29-31 August 2007

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