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A Message from the Incoming Chair Dear DATC Members:

I'd like to begin by thanking Dave Barton for his work as DATC chair during the past few years. Unfortunately, because of health reasons he's had to end his term early. We all appreciate his contribution to the committee, and our thoughts are with him to recover quickly and permanently.

As we close in on the year's last quarter, I'd like to introduce myself to you as your new DATC chair. It is an honor to be able to serve in this position, and I will do my best to meet all expectations. The EDA industry is going through an inflection point. As the semiconductor industry nears a quarter-trillion dollars in value, much of its growth lies in the small venture-backed upstarts across the globe that are creating astounding consumer applications for advanced semiconductor technology. Although the EDA industry is a low-single-digit portion of the semiconductor industry, it is more fundamental than ever to these growth applications and geographies. System-level design, software design, and manufacturability are critical to this growth, and it's up to our community to be a leader and not a hindrance. Our group is critically important to the success of the semiconductor industry, just as top EDA talent is harder to find than ever.

In that light, DATC plans to increase its level of activity and corresponding spending levels, leveraging our large membership. We are exploring a "State of the EDA" yearly trends article, based on our views from the Electronic Design Process Subcommittee (EDPS) and other activities surrounding the field, and its summary will first appear in IEEE Design & Test. We're also considering DATC volunteer local meetings, receptions, and similar events. We will increasingly formally recognize the hard work of key contributors, and we will enhance coordination with key new councils such as the Council for Design Automation (CEDA). DATC will also encourage the Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) to more actively participate in our activities and meetings. We've already received new ideas for sponsored studies with potential for standards work—for example, new arithmetic extensions expressible through logic languages such as Verilog.

Juan-Antonio Carballo

DATC chair

From the Newsletter Editor

I just want to add a word of thanks to Dave Barton for all his efforts and support, and tell him that our prayers are with him for a quick recovery. I also want to welcome Juan-Antonio Carballo aboard as DATC chair. Finally, I'd like to invite you to send us your thoughts on DATC and on our various activities. Like Juan, I am motivated to increase the DATC level of activity, but we need input from you. Help us make DATC the robust technical committee it should indeed be. There are so many pressing areas, such as behavioral languages, simulation, synthesis, formal verification, timing, placement and wiring, and test generation. Please help us to continue to be a leading technical committee. Thanks.

Joe Damore

Newsletter Editor


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