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Upcoming TTTC Events

IEEE European Board Test Workshop (EBTW 06)

24–25 May 2006

Southampton, UK

IEEE International Mixed-Signals Testing Workshop (IMSTW 06)

21–23 June 2006

Edinburgh, UK

IMSTW addresses all aspects of testing, DFT, and reliable design of integrated mixed-signal/mixed-technology functions and systems. Topics include testing and design verification of monolithic mixed-signal/mixed-technology systems on chips (SoCs), heterogeneous systems (including system in package), and printed circuit-board implementations of mixed-signal functions. The technology spectrum includes analog, mixed signals, high-speed I/O, RF, microelectromechanical systems, and nanotechnology.

IEEE Southwest Test Workshop (SWTW 06)

11–14 June 2006

San Diego

SWTW focuses on the aspects associated with microelectronic wafer and die-level testing. The conference has a mixture of manufacturer and vendor presentations. The workshop is a probe technology forum, where attendees come to exchange ideas and learn about recent industry developments. The relaxed atmosphere includes social activities and plenty of time for informal discussion and networking.

Calls for Papers

IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems (DFT 06)

4–6 October 2006

Washington, DC

DFT is an annual symposium that provides an open forum for presentations on defect and fault tolerance in VLSI systems inclusive of emerging technologies. One unique feature of this symposium is combining new academic research with state-of-the-art industrial data—necessary ingredients for significant advances in this field. This year's DFT is interested in all aspects of design, manufacturing, test, reliability, and availability that are affected by defects during manufacturing and by faults during system operation.

Submissions deadline: 31 May 2006.

IEEE East-West Design & Test International Workshop (EWDTW 06)

15–19 September 2006

Sochi, Russia

EWDTW encourages the exchange of experiences among the scientific schools and experts of Eastern and Western Europe, the US, and other parts of the world in the design, design automation, and test of electronic systems fields. Submissions deadline: 15 June 2006.

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