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Upcoming TTTC Events

IEEE Latin-American Test Workshop (LATW 06)

26–29 March 2006

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The IEEE Latin-American Test Workshop provides an annual forum for test and fault tolerance professionals and technologists from Latin America and all over the world. Participants will present and discuss various aspects of system, board, and component testing and fault tolerance with respect to design, manufacturing, and field considerations.

VLSI Test Symposium (VTS 06)

30 April–4 May 2006

Santa Barbara, Calif.

VTS was first organized in 1982. Since then, it has grown to include tutorials, panels, and innovative practices. Today, the VTS program includes innovative practices and special sessions. Innovative practice presentations will highlight the current challenges that test practitioners face today, and innovative solutions to address them. Special sessions include panels, embedded tutorials, and hot topic presentations.

IEEE European Board Test Workshop (EBTW 06)

24–25 May 2006

Southampton, UK.

IEEE International Mixed-Signals Testing Workshop (IMSTW 06)

21–23 June 2006

Edinburgh, UK

IMSTW addresses all aspects of testing, DFT, and reliable design of integrated mixed-signal/mixed-technology functions and systems. Topics include testing and design verification of monolithic mixed-signal/mixed-technology SoCs, heterogeneous systems (including system in package), and printed circuit-board implementations of mixed-signal functions. The technology spectrum includes analog, mixed signals, high-speed I/O, RF, microelectromechanical systems, and nanotechnology.

Calls for Papers

IEEE International Workshop on Memory Technology, Design and Testing (MTDT 06)

2–4 August 2006

Taipei, Taiwan

Submissions deadline: 25 March 2006.

East-West Design & Test Workshop (EWDTW 06)

15–19 September 2006

Sochi, Russia

EWDTW encourages the exchange of experiences between the scientific schools and experts of Eastern and Western Europe, the US, and other parts of the world in the fields of design, design automation, and test of electronic systems. Submissions deadline: 15 June 2006.

The 15th Asian Test Symposium

20–23 November 2006

Fukuoka, Japan

Submissions deadline: 7 May 2006.

Special ITC Section

IEEE Design & Test of Computers is looking for new manuscripts for the special ITC section of the November–December 2006 issue. The theme of the issue, and of the 2006 International Test Conference, is Getting More out of Test. Submit manuscripts through Manuscript Central (, and select "Special ITC Section." Submissions deadline: 10 April 2006.

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