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Issue No.05 - September/October (2011 vol.13)
pp: 56-67
Bo-Wen Shen , University of Maryland, College Park
<p>To meet the goals of extreme weather event warning, this approach couples a modeling and visualization system that integrates existing NASA technologies and improves the modeling system's parallel scalability to take advantage of petascale supercomputers. It also streamlines the data flow for fast processing and 3D visualizations, and develops visualization modules to fuse NASA satellite data.</p>
Hurricane prediction, Global Multiscale Modeling, concurrent visualization, CAMVis, supercomputing, hyperwall, parallel computing, scientific computing and visualization
Bo-Wen Shen, Wei-Kuo Tao, Bryan Green, "Coupling Advanced Modeling and Visualization to Improve High-Impact Tropical Weather Prediction", Computing in Science & Engineering, vol.13, no. 5, pp. 56-67, September/October 2011, doi:10.1109/MCSE.2010.141
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