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Issue No.01 - January/February (2009 vol.11)
pp: 41-47
Roberto Olivares-Amaya , Harvard University
Romelia Salomón-Ferrer , University of California, Berkeley
William A. Lester Jr. , California Institute of Technology
Carlos Amador-Bedolla , University of California, Berkeley
Rappture is a new GUI development kit that enables a developer to build an I/O interface for a specific application. In this article, the authors describe the Rappture toolkit's use in generating a GUI for the Zori computer code, a quantum Monte Carlo program.
applicative (functional) programming, visual programming, user interfaces, education, chemistry, physics, computer applications
Roberto Olivares-Amaya, Romelia Salomón-Ferrer, William A. Lester Jr., Carlos Amador-Bedolla, "Creating a GUI for Zori, a Quantum Monte Carlo Program", Computing in Science & Engineering, vol.11, no. 1, pp. 41-47, January/February 2009, doi:10.1109/MCSE.2009.5
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