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Issue No. 01 - January/February (2006 vol. 8)
ISSN: 1521-9615
pp: 14
Norman Chonacky , Editor in Chief

Computing in Science & Engineering delivers high-quality peer-reviewed articles only through the efforts of our volunteer reviewers. Although the individual reviews are performed confidentially, we want to take this opportunity to publicly thank our 2005 reviewers for their thoughtful work and generous efforts. Thanks again!
—Norman Chonacky, Editor in Chief

Nadine Alameh, Michael Baker Corporation

Francis Alexander, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Marwan Al-Haik, University of New Mexico

M. Anghel, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Weizhu Bao, National University of Singapore

Markus Berndt, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Don Berry, Indiana University

John Brooke, Manchester University

Markus Buttiker, University of Geneva

Jonathan Chin, University College London

Steve Chiu, Benedict University

J.L. Cornette, Iowa State University

Alva Couch, Tufts University

Peter Coveney, University College London

Denis Donnelly, Siena College

Geoffrey C. Fox, Indiana University

Fabrizio Gagliardi, CERN

Robert Granat, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A. Garcia, San Jose State University

James Glazier, Indiana University

Steve Gottlieb, Indiana University

Alberto Guadagnini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Nicholas Ingolia, Harvard University

Greg lyzenga, Harvey Mudd College

George Karniadakis, Brown University

Frithjof Karsch, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Nicholas T. Karonis, Northern Illinois University

Helmut Katzgraber, ETH Zurich

Yannis Kevrekidis, Princeton University

Phillip Laplante, Pennsylvania State University

Stephen Levine, Tufts University

Wei-Keng Liao, Northwestern University

Ulf Lorenz, Paderborn University

Bertram Ludaescher, University of California, Davis

Daniel Martin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

David A. Mazziotti, University of Chicago

Marcus Mendenhall, Vanderbilt University

Peter Mora, University of Queensland

J. David Moulton, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Michael Navon, Florida State University

Ramesh Neelamani, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Maziar Nekovee, BT Research

Stephen Pickles, Manchester University

Man Rai, NASA Ames Research Center

Kenneth Ricks, University of Alabama

Bert Rust, US National Institute of Standards and Technology

L. Seymour, University of Georgia

James Shank, Boston University

Xuan Shi, West Virginia University

Rick L. Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory

Jared Tanner, University of Utah

Doug Toussaint, University of Arizona

Don Turcotte, University of California, Davis

Akira Ukawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Pavlos Vranas, IBM Research

Dongbin Xiu, Brown University

Saul Youssef, Boston University

Dave Yuen, University of Minnesota

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