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Issue No. 12 - Dec. (vol. 48)
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Elsewhere in the CS
Spotlight on Transactions

Cross-Project Data for Software Engineering (Abstract)

Tim Menzies , North Carolina State University
pp. 6
32 & Years Ago

32 & 16 Years Ago (HTML)

pp. 7-8
President's Message
Guest Editors' Introduction

Rebooting Computing: New Strategies for Technology Scaling (HTML)

Thomas M. Conte , Georgia Tech
Elie Track , nVizix
Erik DeBenedictis , Sandia National Laboratories
pp. 10-13
Rebooting Computing

Computing beyond Moore's Law (Abstract)

John M. Shalf , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Robert Leland , Sandia National Laboratories
pp. 14-23

Energy-Efficient Abundant-Data Computing: The N3XT 1,000x (Abstract)

Mohamed M. Sabry Aly , Stanford University
Mingyu Gao , Stanford University
Gage Hills , Stanford University
Chi-Shuen Lee , Stanford University
Greg Pitner , Stanford University
Max M. Shulaker , Stanford University
Tony F. Wu , Stanford University
Mehdi Asheghi , Stanford University
Jeff Bokor , University of California, Berkeley
Franz Franchetti , Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth E. Goodson , Stanford University
Christos Kozyrakis , Stanford University
Igor Markov , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kunle Olukotun , Stanford University
Larry Pileggi , Carnegie Mellon University
Eric Pop , Stanford University
Jan Rabaey , University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Re , Stanford University
H.-S. Philip Wong , Stanford University
Subhasish Mitra , Stanford University
pp. 24-33

Superconducting Computing in Large-Scale Hybrid Systems (Abstract)

D. Scott Holmes , Booz Allen Hamilton
Alan M. Kadin , Senior Member of IEEE
Mark W. Johnson , D-Wave Systems
pp. 34-42
Rebooting Computing

Adapting to Thrive in a New Economy of Memory Abundance (Abstract)

Kirk M. Bresniker , Hewlett Packard Labs
Sharad Singhal , Hewlett Packard Labs
R. Stanley Williams , Hewlett Packard Labs
pp. 44-53

Architecting for Causal Intelligence at Nanoscale (Abstract)

Mingyu Li , University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mostafizur Rahman , University of Missouri-Kansas City
Ayan K. Biswas , Virginia Commonwealth University
Mohammad Salehi-Fashami , University of Delaware
Jayasimha Atulasimha , Virginia Commonwealth University
Supriyo Bandyopadhyay , Virginia Commonwealth University
Csaba Andras Moritz , University of Massachusetts Amherst
pp. 54-64

Ohmic Weave: Memristor-Based Threshold Gate Networks (Abstract)

David J. Mountain , Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Research Park
Mark McLean , Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Research Park
Douglas Palmer , Annapolis Microsystems
Joshua D. Prucnal , University of Maryland
Christopher D. Krieger , Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Research Park
pp. 65-71
Research Feature

The CONNECT Network-on-Chip Generator (Abstract)

Michael K. Papamichael , Microsoft Research
James C. Hoe , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 72-79

Third-Party Software's Trust Quagmire (Abstract)

Jeffrey Voas , National Institute of Standards and Technology
George Hurlburt , STEMCorp
pp. 80-87
Out of Band

What Price Gonzo Ethics? (HTML)

Hal Berghel , University of Nevada, Las Vegas
pp. 88-93
Software Technologies

Dynamic Variability Meets Robotics (Abstract)

Davide Brugali , University of Bergamo
Rafael Capilla , Rey Juan Carlos University
Mike Hinchey , Lero-the Irish Software Research Centre
pp. 94-97

Will Cybersecurity Dictate the Outcome of Future Wars? (Abstract)

Alexander Kott , US Army Research Laboratory
David S. Alberts , Institute for Defense Analysis
Cliff Wang , US Army Research Office
pp. 98-101
Report to Members
CS Connection

CS Connection (HTML)

pp. 110-111
The Errant Hashtag

Quantum Imagination (HTML)

David Alan Grier , George Washington University
pp. 128
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