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Calls for Articles for IEEE CS Publications

IEEE Software plans a November/December 2013 special issue on architecture sustainability.

Change is the norm in software, and architects must address and embrace it to ensure the architecture can endure different types of change via efficient maintenance and evolution throughout its entire life cycle. Some changes might only affect local parts of a system, while others have a more systemic impact that can involve various stakeholders and disciplines.

In general, architects can employ three approaches to handle change: refactoring, renovating, and rearchitecting. Such strategies contribute to the overall area of architecture sustainability but have yet to be treated as a coherent whole. The aim of this special issue is to encourage such discussions.

Articles are due 1 April 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.

IT Professional plans a November/December 2013 special issue on leveraging big data and business analytics.

Driven by social media, e-commerce, business collaboration, and other factors, there's been a vast explosion of data. But leveraging big data is a major challenge for enterprises. Powerful analytics techniques can help enterprises exploit the data to create a business advantage and to help with—or automate—complex decisions by deriving new insights. As a result, there's an increasing interest in and demand for better techniques, tools, and approaches for leveraging big data and business analytics.

Articles are due 1 April 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.

IEEE Internet Computing plans a January/February 2014 special issue on the high-performance mobile Internet.

Every day, hundreds of millions of users access the Internet using handheld smartphones and tablet computers. With the increasing popularity of such devices and the availability of myriad applications specifically designed for them, it isn't surprising that cellular data network traffic has experienced unprecedented growth. Stakeholders—including users, mobile application developers, network operators, content providers, and regulatory authorities—are thus interested in understanding the performance that cellular data networks provide to their users.

Email the guest editors ( a brief description of the article you plan to submit by 15 April 2013. Articles are due 1 May 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.

IEEE Micro plans a January/February 2014 special issue on reconfigurable computing

Reconfigurable computing has been receiving increasing attention in recent years beyond the research community in applications ranging from embedded systems, application-specific computing, and high-performance computing. This attention has been driven mainly by the growth in both the size and speed of modern field-programmable gate arrays, the constant need for faster and versatile computing platforms, the swift progress in high-level synthesis, and the potentials in term of energy efficiency of heterogeneous computing paradigms.

Areas of interest include, but aren't limited to, software tool chains, application examples and case studies, architectures, and power/energy analysis.

Articles are due 27 May 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.

IEEE Software plans a March/April 2014 special issue on next-generation mobile computing.

Mobile computing is all around us. We use it not only when we interact with our smartphones to connect with friends and family across regions and countries, but also when we use a ticketing system on a bus or train, purchase food from a mobile vendor at a park, and watch videos or listen to music on our phones and portable music playing devices.

Any computation system expected to move and interact with end users or other computational systems despite loss of or changes in network connectivity participates in mobile computing. The number of such systems is expected to grow significantly each year over the coming decades. And mobile technology is expected to change, creating new challenges.

The guest editors seek articles that explore the next generation of mobile computing within the contexts of mission-critical scenarios, quality-of-service differentiation, and resource constraints.

Articles are due 30 June 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.

IEEE Internet Computing plans a March/April 2014 special issue on identity, privacy, and deception in social networks.

Social networks have become the key organizing principle of Internet communication and collaboration. Although Internet-enabled social networks offer tremendous opportunities, widespread interest in and growth of these systems raises new risks and growing concerns. For instance, social network users can be bullied, their pictures can be stolen, or their status posts can reach unwanted audiences. Even when profiles don't list any information, social graphs can be analyzed to infer personal information. Risks are also related to identity management because, in these social scenarios, an individual's online identity, which is strictly related to reputation and trust, is increasingly less virtual and has more impact on real, offline life.

The guest editors encourage submissions from both academic and industrial practitioners.

Articles are due 1 July 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.

APRIL 2013

1-5 Apr: LADC 2013, 6th Latin-American Symp. on Dependable Computing, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;

8-11 Apr: STC 2013, 25th Annual Software Technology Conf., Salt Lake City, Utah;

8-12 Apr: ICDE 2013, 29th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Engineering, Brisbane, Australia;

15-18 Apr: SYSCON 2013, IEEE Int'l Systems Conf., Orlando, Florida;

29 Apr-1 May: NSW 2013, IEEE 2nd Intl Workshop on Network Science, West Point, New York;

MAY 2013

6-10 May: MSST 2013, 29th IEEE Conference on Massive Data Storage, Lake Arrowhead, California;

18-26 May: ICSE 2013, 35th Intl Conf. Software Engineering, San Francisco;

19-22 May: IEEE S&P 2013, IEEE Symp. Security and Privacy, San Francisco;

JUNE 2013

4-7 June: CCC 2013, IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity, Palo Alto, California;

16-20 June: ICIS 2013, 12th Intl Conf. Computer and Information Science, Nigita, Japan;

23-28 June: CVPR 2013, IEEE Computer Society Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Portland, Oregon;

Submission Instructions

The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting.

Visit for instructions on how to submit conference or call listings as well as a more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences.

Events in 2013

APRIL 2013

1-5 LADC 2013

8-11 STC 2013

8-12 ICDE 2013

15-18 SYSCON 2013

29 Apr-1 May NSW 2013

MAY 2013

6-10 MSST 2013

18-26 ICSE 2013

19-22 IEEE S&P 2013

JUNE 2013

4-7 CCC 2013

16-20 ICIS 2013

19-22 CVPR 2013

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