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Issue No. 02 - Feb. (2013 vol. 46)
ISSN: 0018-9162
pp: 109-111
Calls For Articles For COMPUTER
Computer seeks submissions for an October 2013 special issue on multicore memory coherence.
As we enter an era of large multicore systems, the question of efficiently supporting a shared memory model has become more important. Massively parallel architectures lacking coherent shared memory have enjoyed great success in niche applications such as 3D rendering, but general programming developers still demand the convenience of a shared memory abstraction.
Efficiently using the Message Passing Interface requires that individual computation tasks must be relatively large to overcome communication latencies. It becomes difficult to use the MPI at the fine-grained level when fast on-chip communication is available. Higher-level mechanisms like MapReduce or shard-based databases are popular in particular application domains, though researchers haven't yet efficiently applied them at the chip/node level.
This special issue will focus on approaches to providing scalable, shared on-chip memory, paramount in a future where individual nodes will have on the order of 1,000 cores each.
Suggested topics include but aren't limited to private and shared cache hierarchies; scalable memory coherence protocols, directory-based and otherwise; data layout and placement techniques; on-chip interconnects to support shared-memory abstractions; and hardware, software, and hybrid approaches.
Articles are due by 1 March 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.
Calls For Articles For Other Ieee Cs Publications
IEEE Security & Privacy plans a November/December 2013 special issue on health IT security and privacy.
Privacy and security continue to be recognized as critical to a successful patient-medical provider relationship because of the potentially sensitive information patients must share with medical providers to receive healthcare.
While this isn't expected to change soon, the overall model of care is. Healthcare has extended beyond the doctor's office to be ubiquitous, mobile, and patient-centered.
This special issue will look at how to protect privacy and strengthen the security of patients' health information in an electronic and interconnected healthcare system.
Case studies, experience reports, practices, research results, and standards reports are welcome. Email guest editors Kelly Caine ( or Michael Lesk ( to request additional information.
Articles are due 1 March 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.
IEEE Internet Computing plans a November/December 2013 special issue on smart cities.
Smart cities are currently the focus of a broad research community as well as of many government and industry innovation agendas. The Internet plays a fundamental role in communication, information sharing and processing, data transfer and analysis, and distributed computing in many of today's cities. The rise of the Internet of Things and the large-scale adoption of Web technologies in urban environments have proved that Internet-based solutions can successfully address smart cities' multifaceted, cross-domain challenges.
This special issue seeks submissions about recent or ongoing research efforts and experiences in applying Internet technologies to realize the smart city vision.
Articles are due 1 March 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers, or send an email message to the guest editors ( to request additional information.
IEEE Intelligent Systems plans a November/December 2013 special issue on the Web of Things.
The ability of mobile devices and sensors to observe and monitor their environments, increasing the coordination between things in the real world and their counterparts on the Web, introduces the new concept of the Web of Things. This Web of Things is expected to produce large volumes of data related to the physical world, and intelligent solutions are required to enable connectivity, internetworking, and relevance between the physical world and the corresponding digital world resources.
This special issue seeks innovative contributions to intelligent system and interaction design, information processing and knowledge engineering, and adaptive solutions to assist in efficient utilization of the Web of Things. Submissions that include audio, video, and community content are encouraged.
Articles are due 1 March 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications plans a November/December 2013 special issue on the computational aspects of fabrication: modeling, design, and 3D printing.
The digital age in manufacturing is giving rise to output devices that allow rapid customization and rapid manufacturing, thereby revolutionizing how we design, develop, distribute, fabricate, and consume products. Given the digital nature of the process, a clear need exists for computational models that support a new way of production-related thinking and that facilitate intuitive design, efficient representation, fast simulation, and visualization of physically realizable objects.
Articles are due 14 March 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.
IEEE Internet Computing plans a January/February 2014 special issue on the high-performance mobile Internet.
Every day, hundreds of millions of users access the Internet using smartphones and tablet computers. With the increasing popularity of such devices and the availability of myriad applications specifically designed for them, it isn't surprising that cellular data network traffic has experienced unprecedented growth. Stakeholders—including users, mobile application developers, network operators, content providers, and regulatory authorities—are thus interested in understanding the performance that cellular data networks provide to their users.
Email the guest editors ( a brief description of the article you plan to submit by 15 April 2013. Articles are due 1 May 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.
IEEE Software plans a March/April 2014 special issue on next-generation mobile computing.
Mobile computing is all around us. We use it not only when we interact with our smartphones to connect with friends and family across regions and countries, but also when we use ticketing systems on a bus or train to work or home, purchase food from a mobile vendor at a park, and watch videos and listen to music on our phones and portable music playing devices. Any computation system expected to move and interact with end users or other computational systems despite loss of or changes in network connectivity participates in mobile computing. The number of such systems is expected to grow significantly each year over the coming decades. And mobile technology is expected to change, creating new challenges.
The guest editors seek articles that explore the next generation of mobile computing within the contexts of mission-critical scenarios, quality-of-service differentiation, and resource constraints.
Articles are due 30 June 2013. Visit to view the complete call for papers.
March 2013
6-8 Mar: ISADS 2013, IEEE Int'l Symp. on High-Performance Computer Architecture, Mexico City;
16-23 Mar: VR 2013, IEEE Virtual Reality 2013, Orlando, Florida;
25-28 Mar: AINA-2013, 27th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Barcelona;
25-28 Mar: SOSE 2013: 7th Int'l Symp. on Service Oriented System Engineering, San Francisco;
april 2013
1-5 Apr: LADC 2013, 6th Latin-American Symp. on Dependable Computing, Rio de Janeiro;
8-11 Apr: STC 2013, 25th Annual Software Technology Conf., Salt Lake City;
8-12 Apr: ICDE 2013, 29th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Engineering, Brisbane, Australia;
15-18 Apr: SYSCON 2013, IEEE Int'l Systems Conf., Orlando, Florida;
29 Apr-1 May: NSW 2013, IEEE 2nd Int'l Workshop on Network Science, West Point, New York;
May 2013
6-10 May: MSST 2013, 29th IEEE Conf. on Massive Data Storage, Lake Arrowhead, California;
18-26 May: ICSE 2013, 35th Int'l Conf. on Software Engineering, San Francisco;
19-22 May: IEEE S&P 2013, IEEE Symp. On Security and Privacy, San Francisco;
JUNE 2013
4-7 June: CCC 2013, IEEE Conf. on Computational Complexity, Palo Alto, California;
16-20 June: ICIS 2013, 12th Int'l Conf. on Computer and Information Science, Nigita, Japan;
23-28 June: CVPR 2013, IEEE Computer Society Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Portland, Oregon;
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