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Issue No.02 - February (2008 vol.41)
pp: 69-76
Tarek El-Ghazawi , George Washington University
Esam El-Araby , George Washington University
Miaoqing Huang , George Washington University
Kris Gaj , George Mason University
Volodymyr Kindratenko , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Duncan Buell , University of South Carolina
Several high-performance computers now use field-programmable gate arrays as reconfigurable coprocessors. The authors describe the two major contemporary HPRC architectures and explore the pros and cons of each using representative applications from remote sensing, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics, and cryptanalysis.
reconfigurable computing, high-performance computing, HPRC systems, field-programmable gate arrays
Tarek El-Ghazawi, Esam El-Araby, Miaoqing Huang, Kris Gaj, Volodymyr Kindratenko, Duncan Buell, "The Promise of High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing", Computer, vol.41, no. 2, pp. 69-76, February 2008, doi:10.1109/MC.2008.65
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