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Calls for IEEE CS Publications

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications magazine is seeking articles for a special issue on computational aesthetics. The March/April 2008 issue addresses the study of computational methods for eliciting a specified emotional response from a human.

Possible topics include image analogies, style transfer methods, sketching, visual balance, and nonphotorealistic rendering. Also welcome are papers that describe empirically based metrics of aesthetic attributes.

Submissions are due by 20 August 2007. To view the complete call for papers, visit

Calls for Papers


September 2007

October 2007

Submission Instructions

The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting.

Visit for instructions on how to submit conference or call listings as well as a more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences.

IEEE WI 2007

Headlining a slate of four colocated conferences, the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Web Intelligence explores the interactions between artificial intelligence engineering and advanced information technology on the next generation of Web systems, services, and applications.

Organizers have solicited original research papers on topics that include knowledge grids and grid intelligence, Web mining and farming, intelligent human-Web interaction, and semantics and ontology engineering.

The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics sponsors WI 2007 in cooperation with the Web Intelligence Consortium and the ACM. The conference will take place in Fremont, California, from 2–5 November.

Related conferences taking place at the same time are the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, the IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing, and the IEEE International Conference on BioInformation and BioMedicine.

Visit for complete details on WI 2007, including links to related conferences.

Call for Articles for Computer

Computer seeks articles for an April 2008 special issue on data-intensive computing. Guest editors are Ian Gorton of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Paul Greenfield of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Alex Szalay of Johns Hopkins University, and Roy Williams of the California Institute of Technology.

The need to capture, store, and provide timely processing on ever-increasing data volumes exists in a diverse range of application domains. These include scientific computing, Internet-based social computing, Internet search, bioinformatics, enterprise applications, video surveillance, and cybersecurity.

Many existing technologies fail when data volumes reach multiterabyte and petabyte ranges, requiring new approaches to solving such data-intensive computing problems. Innovations in data-intensive computing include both processor hardware and system and application software that can scale to handle ballooning data volumes and simultaneously reduce the time needed to provide useful data analysis.

Computer's special issue on data-intensive computing will bring together contributions from leading scientists that address current and future problems and describe promising solutions in data-intensive computing. The articles will represent the state of the art in research and development.

Computer invites papers that provide a perspective on all facets of data-intensive computing. Examples of suitable topics include scalable algorithms to search and process massive data sets; advances in high-performance computing platforms; high-performance, high-reliability, petascale distributed file systems and databases; and techniques for processing massive data volumes from sensor networks.

Also welcome are case studies of solutions to data-intensive computing problems as well as surveys of current and future problems in data-intensive application domains such as astronomy, social computing, biology, environmental sciences, and the intelligence community.

The deadline for papers is 15 October. Detailed author instructions are available at Send inquiries to the guest editors at,,, or

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