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Mercury Announces Integrated UAV Intelligence System

Military supplier Mercury Computer Systems is rolling out its VistaNav-SSR (Smart Surveillance and Reconnaissance) integrated unmanned aircraft system. The system comprises a ground station, a VistaNav synthetic vision system, a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and various sensor systems.

The VistaNav-SSR is based on the Vector-LRE airframe from IntelliTech Microsystems, a manufacturer of autonomous vehicle technologies. IntelliTech's Vector-LRE is a small UAV capable of either remote-control operation or fully autonomous flight. Unlike previous surveillance applications, which were retrofitted to existing airframe designs, Mercury designed its VistaNav-SSR from the outset as an integrated system.

It includes Mercury's Airborne Component Integration Processor, whose high level of integration and miniaturization permits seamless integration of such functions as video stabilization, compression, metadata generation, collision avoidance, flight management, and anomaly detection. Mercury's VistaNav-UAV 1.5, included in the VistaNav-SSR system, is a software package that powers a range of ground control stations.

Possible applications for the new UAV system, which stems from Mercury's work on advanced military projects, include wildland fire detection, urban planning, law enforcement, and other civil uses.


Figure    Mercury's VistaNav is a fully integrated aerial surveillance and reconnaissance system.

To learn more about Mercury and the VistaNav-SSR, visit

O&O Software Releases New Defrag Tool

Tool developer O&O Software recently released O&O Defrag V8.6 Professional, a new application that optimizes a computer's hard disk under Windows XP Home, XP Professional, 2000 Professional, NT 4 Workstation, and now in the new version under Windows Vista. The program packs fragmented files together again and saves them in one piece within a reorganized framework. With the O&O OneButtonDefrag module, users can start defragmenting a drive with one mouse click.

A new function of O&O Defrag V8.6 Professional is the Defrag Screensaver. This launches as a screensaver whenever the user leaves the mouse or keyboard untouched for a few minutes and starts the defragmentation process without further prompting. O&O Defrag also works with removable drives that are only temporarily connected to the computer.

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New WIN CPU Supports Fan-Free Installations

WIN Enterprises' new MB-07303 module is a PC/104-Plus CPU developed around AMD's Geode LX800 processor, which operates at 500 MHz. The MB-07303 features CRT support and 18-bit or 24-bit TTL LCD and digital I/O functions that include two COM ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one Ultra ATA-66 interface, and CompactFlash capability.

Low power consumption and the resulting low heat production enables fanless operation in a wide temperature range. Other features of the module include one DDR socket that supports up to 1 Gbyte of memory, dual 10/100 Mbits/s PCI bus Ethernet, two serial ports, and an optional choice for AC 97 audio.

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ACKSYS Announces IEEE 802.11-Compliant WiFi Appliance

ACKSYS Communications and Systems has expanded its offerings to the automotive wireless market with its new WLg-Aboard/N Wi-Fi appliance.

The WLg-Aboard/N can be configured as an access point, Ethernet bridge, or a WDS repeater in infrastructure and ad hoc modes. It supports the ModBus/TCP and ProfiNet industrial protocols, as well as the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h WiFi standard, providing a maximum data rate of 108-Mbits/s in super A/G mode.

WLg-Aboard/N can be mounted in many different types of vehicle to track material handling, real-time information transmission, and inventory flow.

To learn more about ACKSYS, including the WLg-Aboard/N, visit

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