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New Handshake Solutions Processor Promises Embedded Efficiency

Real-time embedded applications can now draw on the power and embedded efficiency of Handshake Solutions' ARM996HS processor—an asynchronous synthesizable clockless ARM9ETM family processor. It combines Handshake technology with the proven ARM processor architecture to deliver a compact processor with very low electromagnetic emissions and power consumption.

Key features include a clockless 32-bit RISC CPU core, 32-bit ARM and 16-bit Thumb instruction sets, an enhanced memory protection unit (MPU), and a dual AMBA AHB-Lite interface. The new processor also supports tightly coupled memories for instructions and data.

The ARM996HS processor is intended for applications where power, electromagnetic emissions, and robustness are key issues, as well as in safety-critical systems requiring real-time response. According to the manufacturer, it is particularly suited to automotive, medical, and low-cost battery-operated consumer electronics and deeply embedded control applications.

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Black Duck Announces New IP Management Application

Black Duck Software, a seller of software compliance management solutions, recently began shipping protexIP/development 4.0, the newest release of its flagship offering. Large enterprises, technology product companies, and outsourcers engaged in geographically distributed software development can use the protexIP suite to manage the content of their software code.

ProtexIP validates software content, finding issues to address early in the development cycle or well in advance of a due diligence event, and verifies both proprietary and open source license compliance. It streamlines workflow, allowing teams of software developers, architects, and lawyers to collaborate to protect software IP. The protexIP suite can be integrated into corporate software development environments that include source code management systems and other integrated development environments.

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Silicon Hive Launches New Image Signal Processor

Silicon Hive recently announced the launch of its HiveFlex Moustique-IC2 processor core for generating high-quality images from camera phones.

The processor is delivered as a synthesizable soft IP core, with support for synthesis, characterization, test vectors, and test logic insertion. It is supported by Silicon Hive's software development tools, including the HiveCC compiler, HiveGates hardware emulation system, and HiveGates camera prototyping and development system.

Technical highlights of the new processor include a five-issue VLIW architecture, the ability to execute up to four SIMD operations in parallel, a typical operating frequency of 200MHz, and an instruction set optimized for image processing.

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Silistix Announces CHAINworks Tool Suite

Silistix, a provider of software for on-chip communications solutions, recently unveiled CHAINworks, a suite of tools for development of self-timed interconnects, called CHAIN fabrics, on a system-on-chip device. CHAINworks helps to accelerate design flow and produces chips that have distinct power dissipation advantages over conventional chips using clock-enabled dataflow with traditional buses.

The suite comprises three tools: CHAINdesigner for design exploration; CHAINcompiler for CHAIN fabric synthesis; and CHAINlibrary, an interconnect component library. With CHAINdesigner's graphical user interface, the designer can place network gateways, connect ports to clients, and either manually or automatically create a CHAIN topology. CHAINcompiler takes the constrained netlist generated by CHAINdesigner and components from CHAINlibrary to produce the structural netlist suitable for inclusion into the targeted SoC.

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Figure    ARM996HS processor automatically adapts to variations in ambient conditions such as supply voltage, current, and temperature.

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