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netReplay Device Stores and Catalogs Network Activity

New York's Chronicle Solutions has announced the launch of a 64-bit Linux OS version of netReplay 3.2.1, a network content appliance that monitors, captures, and text indexes all user network communications in real-time, enabling an organization to visually track, trace, and replay users' digital content instantly, including: e-mail with all attachments, Webmail, Web pages viewed, Web form submissions, instant messages, chats, blogs, FTP interactions, and VoIP.

With seven terabytes of storage capacity, netReplay gathers application data at a near-instantaneous rate. The collected data is organized in a user-friendly interface, allowing administrators and investigators to search through it using many different criteria.

Chronicle is positioning netReplay 3.2.1 as a solution for risk management, e-discovery, corporate governance, and compliance issues in several sectors, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, security services, government, and law enforcement.

Complete product details, including a downloadable data sheet, are available at

Interactive Supercomputing Announces Open Platform

Interactive Supercomputing recently unveiled a new version of its Star-P technical computing software that helps users integrate software and hardware from a variety of high-performance computing sources. Star-P 2.4 serves as an open software platform that supports many popular desktop tools, numerical libraries, and hardware accelerators.

Star-P lets scientists, engineers, and analysts develop algorithms and models on PCs using familiar desktop tools, and run them instantly and interactively on parallel servers and clusters without having to reprogram the code.

Star-P 2.4 features an enhanced application programming interface, called Star-P OpenConnect, that lets users easily plug in numerical libraries and solvers to boost productivity. They can plug in existing serial and parallel libraries, work on them with their preferred desktop tool, and execute the code in task- or data-parallel modes. This lets scientists and engineers tap the vast array of open source and commercial libraries.

To learn more about Star-P and Interactive Supercomputing, visit

Battery Geek Introduces Mac-Compatible Portable Power Station

Battery Geek, of Portland, Oregon, has introduced the Portable Power Station. Based on Li-ion power cells, the new device boasts 140 Watt-hours of available electrical power. Connected to a MacBook Pro, this translates to an extra 6 hours of computing time. The Portable Power Station is compatible with most Windows-based laptops, as well as with most machines that operate on from three to 28 volts.

The Portable Power Station can recharge virtually any USB device. As mobile professionals rarely travel without a mobile phone, PDA, or iPod, the Portable Power Station doubles as a battery backup for these handheld appliances. A sophisticated electronic control system regulates power output, while integrated sensors monitor the battery to prevent overheating and failure.


Figure    Linux OS version of netReplay 3.2.1 speeds investigations and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

Encased in a shock-resistant aluminum shell, Battery Geek's Portable Power Station is roughly half the size of a 13-inch MacBook and weighs less than two pounds.

To learn more about Battery Geek products, including the Portable Power Station, visit

Library Technologies Offers ChipTimer Optimizer

Library Technologies, of Saratoga, California now offers ChipTimer, a high-level timing optimizer. This tool interfaces commercial logic synthesizers to LTI's CellOpt circuit optimizer, enhances the logic optimizer with proprietary optimization algorithms, and augments the cell library with new cells to speed up design flow.

CellOpt also reduces the number of nets by about 10 percent. Depending on the size of the design, it may create 20 to 150 new custom cells, which the customer must design.

Using ChipTimer, LTI claims speed improvements in the range of 30 to 200 percent in various prelayout designs.

For full product details visit

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