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DevPlan from TechExcel Is Designed for Application Life-Cycle Management

TechExcel, a builder of application life-cycle management software, recently announced the general availability of DevPlan, a solution specifically designed to manage the software development life cycle for distributed teams.

TechExcel's DevPlan provides complete control of design planning and management from a single user interface. A centralized knowledge base increases efficiency, mitigates data risk, and supports collaboration among distributed development teams. An intuitive planning hierarchy builds framework for understanding the project scope and optimizing the allocation of resources.

DevPlan was designed from the outset to integrate seamlessly with TechExcel's family of developer tools.

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Figure    DevPlan's framework unites project tracking and issue management.

Raven Professional Includes Five New Modules

Ravenflow, a purveyor of automated requirements validation tools for software developers, has launched Raven Professional, a bundle of tools that builds on the company's existing Raven Scenario platform (formerly N8 Scenario). Raven Scenario automatically generates Unified Modeling Language diagrams from plain English text, letting builders validate requirements before development begins.

In addition to Raven Scenario, Raven Professional includes five new modules that provide integration with Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Microsoft Team Foundation Server, IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM's Rational Unified Process, Raven Specification Builder, and Raven Specification Checker.

The Specification Builder tool automatically creates requirements specification documents in Microsoft Word format, along with UML activity diagrams. Because these documents can be instantly generated from the latest models in Raven Scenario, they are never out of date and are in a form that users can quickly disseminate for validation and development.

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AQtime 5 Features Thread-Aware Profiling

AQtime, from AutomatedQA, is a profiling memory and resource debugging toolset for Microsoft, Borland, Intel, Compaq, and GNU compilers. AQtime 5, the latest version, includes a large set of productivity tools that help isolate and eliminate performance issues and memory/resource leaks by generating comprehensive and detailed reports for .NET and Windows applications.

AQtime collects crucial performance and memory/resource allocation information at runtime and delivers it in both summarized and detailed forms. AQtime 5 can run as a stand-alone application, or it can be integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland Development Studio.

AQtime 5 is fully thread-aware. Users can turn profiling on or off on a thread-by-thread basis, name threads from application code, and analyze results by a single thread or cumulatively.

Complete product details, including a downloadable data sheet, are available at

New Rally Enterprise Edition Supports Agile Life-Cycle Management

Rally Software Development, a provider of on-demand agile life-cycle management tools, recently released Rally Enterprise Edition, a solution designed to help organizations simplify the enterprise-wide adoption of agile software development strategies. Rally Enterprise complements the company's existing on-demand solutions, Rally Team and Rally Program.

Rally Enterprise supports the entire agile development life cycle for software companies and corporate IT organizations moving multiple teams and projects to rapid, iterative, and incremental release schedules. Features offered with Rally's latest release include a variety of dashboards that reflect real-time metrics and status reports. Rally Enterprise Edition also includes test management and defect/issue management modules.

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